Saturday, February 3, 2018

Spinning In The Swamp

  “Sunlight is the best disinfectant.” - Supreme Court Justice Louis Brandeis

Unless of course it’s shining on the festering growth in the Deep State Swamp currently infested with Democratic microbes. In that case it’s best to draw the curtains and start spinning.

“It's a dud. It's an assault on the FBI.”

hyper hamster on a wheel

“It’s incomplete. It doesn’t mean anything. It’s full of lies and half-truths.”

puppy spinning

“It's taken out of context.  It's cherry picked.”

Maybe a musical selection from The Spinners will help them right their gyroscopes.

      Some day, yeah
We'll walk in the rays of a beautiful sun, yes, we will
Some day
When the world is much brighter, oh

La-la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la (Yeah, oh yeah)
La-la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la (Oh)
La-la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la (Yeah, yeah, yeah)
La-la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la (Oh)

(emphasis on “La-la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la “)

And if that doesn’t quite do it The Spinners have a zillion more hits that might cheer the Democrats up including The Rubberband Man and They Just Can’t Stop It (Games People Play). And if all else fails, I would recommend they “Let The Sunshine In.”

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Friday, February 2, 2018

FLOTUS Friday: Racist Frock Edition

What’s a girl to wear? It used to be that a little black dress properly accessorized was acceptable anytime.

Melania-Trump-and-Donald-Trump-at-the-White-House-785196POTUS makes a nice accessory to a girl’s little black dress

Ditto winter white; you couldn’t go wrong. Now even our colors have been politicized and in the case of black and white, polarized.

When Democratic icon’s don their white robes it’s considered a noble show of support for women:

hillary white thumbs up

Hillary Clinton’s choice of white is especially notable and likely not coincidental; it was one of the colors worn by the suffragettes in the early 20th century, standing for purity, in an effort to protect them their opponent’s claims of immorality.Vanity Fair

Valerie Steele, director of the Museum at FIT (Fashion Institute of Technology) in New York City, said that Clinton using white to reference the suffragette movement was “very important”.

“This was a way of using clothing to speak through a visual message. Because it’s not something a lot of people know [that suffragettes wore white], but once people are aware of that, it does reinforce the historical importance of Hillary hopefully becoming the first women president,” said Steele. The Guardian

But when the FLOTUS wore white to the SOTU, standing in stark contrast to the scowling Nags in black representing the Democrats,


it was interpreted as a racist white power dog whistle:

hillary melania white


And in other news, Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow this morning so it looks like we’re going to get more white stuff along with six more weeks of inclemency: bad news for the FBI. Stock up on the popcorn.

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Thursday, February 1, 2018

If You’re All Wee-Weed Up You Might Be Part Of The Problem

The imminent release of The Memo has a good portion of Washington “all wee-weed up” (H/T Barack Hussein Obama, the most articulate president ever). Among the wee-weed is the FBI, where it is said they have “grave concerns.” No kidding Sherlock.  But here’s the thing, we have some grave concerns as well and want to see the memo to determine what else we should have grave concerns about. My advice to the most concerned people in the FBI: get yourselves some good lawyers.

mms-smoking-weed And maybe a little weed would help

So while we await the release of The Memo perhaps you’d enjoy reading another account of a former Cruz supporter who finally jumped on the Trump train and never looked back. Roger Kimball:

I was not always a fan. For most of the 2016 campaign, I supported Ted Cruz, a choice that many thought only marginally less bad than Mr Trump. But politics is the art of the possible and it turned out that the only two possibilities were Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. For me, that meant that the only possibility was Donald Trump.

Why? First of all, Clinton was the most corrupt serious candidate in history. Her elevation would have tainted the presidency beyond recall. Second, she would have continued Barack Obama’s policy of expanding ‘the administrative state’, the regulatory apparatus of unaccountable bureaucrats that increasingly runs the lives of citizens while promulgating a ‘progressive’, politically correct agenda on subjects from transgender bathrooms to immigration policy. Third, Clinton’s election would have solidified a nascent dynastic impulse, and the presidency should not be a prize that is shuttled among two or three families…

He concludes:

You may not like President Trump’s taste in ties or steak, his tweets or his curious rhetoric. But fair-minded observers should find a lot to like in the results of his pragmatic, non-ideological approach to the nation’s — and the world’s — security and prosperity. - The Spectator

All I know is that our VSGPDJT is getting all the right people wee-weed up - the media, Deep State, even prisoners in Guantanamo:

Prisoners at the Guantanamo Bay military prison in Cuba “thought it was the end of the world” the night of the presidential election and asked their guards for tranquilizers and sleeping pills. – Free Beacon 


Bring on The Memo!

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Wednesday, January 31, 2018

The Inevitability of Donald J. Trump

I remember Trump being criticized during the primary season for not sounding presidential. His response: “you want me to sound presidential? I can sound presidential, I can sound very, very presidential.” Last night he delivered on that promise too.

Given the outstanding SOTU I thought it might be fun to retrace my steps to become a Trumper. In early 2016 I was still pulling for Cruz, even though I had a nagging sense that he was unelectable in the current climate. By February, looking seriously over the Republican landscape, I began to sense the inevitability of Trump.The election of 2016 was not an ordinary election in ordinary times and we needed a not-ordinary candidate. This February 27, 2016 post - The Lion In Winter Trumps the Sleepers – was an analysis of the Republican field cast as characters in The Lion In Winter:

Think of the GOPe leadership as the Plantagenet King Henry: after his heir apparent was killed, he organizes a gathering of his clan in an attempt to choose a successor among his 3 remaining sons, none of whom he likes all that much and one of whom he despises.

The remaining potential heirs are a bunch of plotting, double-crossing, lying, family members vying for the crown. As the holiday winds on the power shifts back and forth numerous times. In the end however everything is exactly as it was when they began: King Henry decides to throw all the bums out and start over, Eleanor is sent back to prison, the three princes are still squabbling over who shall be king, Princess Alais, Henry’s mistress, is still caught in the middle, and Henry still has no clear successor.

The movie dialog is delicious. I found myself recycling some of it for the benefit of today’s race for the crown. 

Trump: 11054382Henry II: Oh God, but I do love being king!

Kasich, channeling Prince John: kasichPrince John: Poor John. Who says poor John? Don't everybody sob at once! My God, if I went up in flames there's not a living soul who'd pee on me to put the fire out!

Trump to Jeb!:jeb-bush-frownHenry II: Now hear me, boy... Philip II: I am a king - I am no man's "boy"! Henry II: A king? Because you put your ass on purple cushions?

On the inevitability of Trump:pigs in treesHenry II: The day those stout hearts band together is the day that pigs get wings. Eleanor: There'll be pork in the treetops come morning.

On Rubio, the Robot:RobotRubio-720x387Henry II: Geoffrey: There's a masterpiece. He isn't flesh: he's a device. He's wheels and gears.

Cruz to Trump:ted cruzPrince Richard: So! The royal corkscrew finds ME twisted?

Regarding Christie:christie trumpEleanor: Well, that's the way deals are made. We've got him if we want him. He'll sell us all, you know... but only if he thinks we think he won't.

In summary: A tale of betrayal, treachery, and a knife fight: just another day on the trail leading up to the coronation of the Republican  presidential nominee. I leave you with perhaps the best line from the entire movie, from Princess Alais. It perhaps best reflects the country’s prevailing sentiment and mood right now:

obama and his little pawnsPrincess Alais: Kings, queens, knights everywhere you look and I'm the only pawn. I haven't got a thing to lose - that makes me dangerous.

And that my friends is why The Donald is probably the inevitable nominee.

mad lion

And by May of 2016 I was all in:

So time to man-up and pull our line together. I know there are many #NeverTrump-sters out there. I know he’s not really a conservative butt he’s also not a communist, a socialist or a felon. I know he shoots his mouth off and attacks any comers who dare criticize him. I know that his manner can be quite off-putting. It’s called fighting dirty. It’s what Democrats do. Principles are lovely things, butt when your country is literally being overrun with illegals and crushed by socialist programs with their attendant debt, it’s time to put your principles in storage for a bit and fight dirty.

Because the two things we know for sure is 1)  Democrat “campaigns” are always run by Alinsky’s Rules and 2) Republicans won’t use them so they lose. The Donald is one of the few on our side who is quite willing to fight dirty, and the only one who really knows how to do it. When he gets down in the mud he leaves more muck on his opponent than himself. He’s combined The Art of the Deal with Alinsky’s Rules. We would be foolish not to support the first Republican in a very long time who’s willing to push back rather than simply slow the rate of the enemy’s advancement.

I know none of us knows for sure what he’ll do if elected. Butt we do know what Clinton et al will, and frankly I find that much more alarming. At least with Trump we get a wall.

The inevitable presidency of Donald J. Trump was quite the journey and I remain grateful for being able to go along for the sometime bumpy ride. In the end it turned out that he didn’t need us half as much as we needed him.


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Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Very Stable Genius: Like a Rock

New Thread - VSGPDJT’s State of the Union: Like a Rock, baby!

Like a rock, I was strong as I could be
Like a rock, nothin' ever got to me
Like a rock, I was something to see
Like a rock

And I stood arrow straight
Unencumbered by the weight
Of all these hustlers and their schemes
I stood proud, I stood tall
High above it all
I still believed in my dreams

Let the ‘splody heads begin.

MOTUS TNL sign_thumb[2]

Okay, okay: I’ll open the MOTUS TWILIGHT NOCTURNE LOUNGE - Make America Great Edition – for a few hours. Pull up a chair, just nod at Little Mo when you’re ready; he knows what you want.

motus TNL MAGA-bar

Tunes From the Great (Again) American Songbook

I’ve got an early morning ski date so consider this an official open thread, as opposed to my regular posts which serve as unofficial open threads.

Here are a couple of standards From the Great (Again) American Song Book to keep you company, and get everyone in the mood for the day of reckoning (the SOTU and “The Memo”).

Mood Indigo, for the Dems:

And for the Republicans, a reminder: When Your Smiling (the Whole World Smiles With You).

So fire up the popcorn popper in advance of tonight’s “How I’m Making America Great Again” speech and make plans for the future coming out party for “The Memo.” And post your favorite tune from the Great (Again) American Songbook for all to enjoy.

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Monday, January 29, 2018

I Lie Because You Can’t Handle The Truth

This won’t come as a surprise to anyone who pays attention but little by little the medical community is reluctantly coming around to acknowledge that fats aren’t so bad and carbohydrates aren’t so good.

High Fat Diet Good, High-Carb Diet Deadly: “High carbohydrate intake was associated with higher risk of total mortality, whereas total fat and individual types of fat were related to lower total mortality. Total fat and types of fat were not associated with cardiovascular disease, myocardial infarction, or cardiovascular disease mortality, whereas saturated fat had an inverse association with stroke. Global dietary guidelines should be reconsidered in light of these findings.” – The Lancet

Once again, not just wrong but 100% wrong. Apparently the science isn’t settled after all.

Those of you who’ve been around here for awhile will recall I’ve covered this topic more than a few times in the past. Such as this excerpt from a 2013 post, Michelle’s Food Marketing 101: The Hidden Persuaders. Remember, this was the height of Barack and Lady M’s reign of error when all our butts had double tees:

Would now be an appropriate time to mention the inconvenient truth that it was the federal government that first published food guidelines? And that the food industry not only followed them, they scrupulously formulated their food offerings to capitalize on them? For example, during WWII, our government asked us to save wheat for the troops:


The food companies did their best to comply:

Screenshot Studio capture #1344

And when WWII was over and the sugar rationing ended, they continued to support the government’s recommendations:

Screenshot Studio capture #1345

Notably, they were simply following the government’s own current recommendation to eat more carbohydrates (emphasis added):

"It was Senator George McGovern's bipartisan, nonlegislative Select Committee on Nutrition and Human Needs…that almost single-handedly changed nutritional policy in this country and initiated the process of turning the dietary fat hypothesis into dogma.

In January 1977, after listening to the testimony of Ancel Keys and other doctors and scientists intent on promoting the unsupported Dietary Fat-Heart hypothesis, the Committee published the "Dietary Goals for the United States" recommending that all Americans reduce their fat, saturated fat and cholesterol consumption, and increase their carbohydrate consumption to 55-60% of daily calories.”

original-usda-food-pyramid1980’s-90’s: EAT LESS FAT! MORE CEREAL, BREAD, RICE AND CARBS!

Then in the early 21st century Dr. Atkins' rocked everyone’s world with his earthshattering declaration that carbs, not fat, were the culprit in everything from obesity to diabetes to heart disease. At first the food police were dismissive, even derisive of Atkins' claims. When he refused to go away, they tried to demonize him as a dangerous extremist. Butt then data began to pour in supporting his claims that excess carbohydrates were contributing to obesity, diabetes and heart disease. Government health and dietary experts went into tilt mode for awhile. Butt then, they came bounding back under Lady M’s excellent leadership with a brand new food pyramid that was so revolutionary that few people even noticed that it wasn’t really a pyramid at all:


And although it had been years in the making, when released it wasn’t very clear and not particularly helpful. So we hired a new consultant to translate this mess concept into something simpler that could be grasped by our new, simpler population:


Many of whom no longer speak English:


As either a first or second language:


So once again the experts – our betters – are left looking the fool in this debate. And the often ridiculed, frequently maligned Dr. Atkins who was hounded by the medical establishment for most of his life turned out to be far more right than his detractors.

orwell deceit truth revolutionary

Sometimes people just can’t handle the truth. 

breaking trump coffee at russian tea room

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Sunday, January 28, 2018

Sundance 2018: “Awful and Boring”

sundance copter

It has apparently taken the Hollywood world of navel gazers 36 years to notice what most of us have seen for decades:

Awful,” was the frank assessment of one studio executive. “Boring,” was the takeaway of another. “Who are these movies for?” griped an influential distributor.

Hint: this year’s lineup included not one but two movies about skate boarders, one exclusively girls.

After a week of premieres at the Eccles Theatre and the other makeshift movie palaces that line the snowy resort town, buyers complained that the movies in this year’s lineup were chronically weak, leaving them underwhelmed and frequently annoyed. That combined with the stark economic realities of the independent film business — where even great movies struggle to sell enough tickets to break even — made for a festival where the most common word heard around town was “pass.” – Variety

One only needs go as far as the New York Times (and I did – so fortunately you don’t have to) to understand this phenomenon (emphasis added).

PARK CITY, Utah — The world has finally gotten with the Sundance Film Festival. For years, thousands have flocked here sometimes for the love of movies, though at other times just because it seemed like a cool place to spend time and money. Each January, they would be met by high-minded reminders that the festival also nurtured talent, believed in story (a Sundance mantra) and embraced diversity. Those paying attention would notice that it generally made good on its principles with a slate that — good, dutiful or mediocre — was striking for its plurality of voices.

And so this year, women were hot (not in a sexist, demeaning way, of course!) along with black filmmakers (again). Except that the festival and its parent organization, the Sundance Institute, have been pushing and advocating for filmmakers who are not white men for much of their history…For the most part, the festival has been more invested in diversifying its filmmaker population than the kinds of movies it programs.

And just like everywhere else that merit takes a backseat to diversity, you eventually end up with a lot of mediocrity at best and “awful” and “boring” at worst. Translate this model to your ruling class and you get Washington D.C.. Specifically, you get old drones like Nancy Pelosi making racist allegations that Trump’s immigration plan is a "campaign to make America white again,"  and whine about the unfair treatment of illegals who are “playing by the rules” – a statement that surely should win the oxymoron of the week award. But Nancy still  wasn’t done, she proceeded to recite one of the sacred Democratic talking points on why sanctuary cities are actually a good thing for us:

"People don't understand—the one problem I think the current occupant of the White House—they don't understand that sanctuary cities is [sic] what helps law enforcement. It helps public safety," Pelosi said.

"If only they just understood how somebody could come forward if they know they're protected to help public safety, but they don't really want to know because that doesn't serve their purpose," Pelosi added.

Nancy would fit in well at Sundance: she’s female, good at memorizing her lines, is quite the story teller and provides us in the end with a product that is both awful and boring.

AFP-Getty_159649821When Nancy met Bobby: the intersectionality of politics and entertinment

By all accounts both film quality - which has never been consistently high - and attendance was down for this year’s Sundance Festival. In the event Hollywood (or Washington for that matter) actually wishes to gain insight as to why most of the country think they stink these days they need go no further than the comments on the Variety article cited above:

cadavra: Dare we hope that this navel-gazing rubbish about millennials whining about how miserable their lives are has finally hit the wall?

Jim B: Films are dreams on media and their elitist megalomania gives them dreams that make the rest of us want to purge them with fire.

Lori Smith: We have had our fill of mindless violence, teen angst, tales of abuse, etc. Wonder why they’re not selling? Ask someone outside the industry.

gloribea: Hollywood is over, its hey day gone. It has been stolen by the elite who are determined to push us toward a one world government. Hand in hand with the media they are trying to march us over the edge of sanity into madness.    

Books Please: A pile of wretched films churned out by the joyless, soybean estrogen, iPhone-poking, SJW Participation Trophy generation that has never seen the inside of a library or cracked a book that doesn’t have a boy wizard on the cover, and you wonder why it’s dying? lol

In short, Fly Over Country is no longer buying your crap which bears little or no relation to their lives. You may want to work on that. I suggest you start by Making America Great Again. Because trust me Jack Black, that’s a better plan than making America rage again.

jack black maga

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