Tuesday, June 27, 2023

Off We Go: In God’s Hands

Good morning MOTI. If all is going according to plan I should be in pre-op now awaiting surgery at 11 AM. Scheduled to last 5-6 hours.

It occurred to me that 99.9% of you have never seen me or Raj either in person or even facsimile so I thought this might be a good day to post this shot that a friend took of us in early April when I was feeling good enough to meet for lunch.


With my radiation-ravaged hair more or less regrown It’s as normal as either of us have looked in over a year and a half. As I’ve now been on steroids for 2+ months I have a new look now: the enduring pack-ratty chip-munky cheeked effect. Once upon a time that would have bothered me. Now I’m getting used to it.


Perhaps someday I’ll try to track down some of our REALLY old pics when Raj and I still thought of ourselves as dragon slayers or minimally young lions: a lifetime ago already. But as I’ve mentioned file/photo organization has never been my strong suit so I make no promises. Trust me though, back in the day Raj was always the foxiest guy in room (with the cutest dimples) and the most-est fun. And somewhere I have Kodachromes to prove it.

At this juncture however I will be delighted as age, experience, circumspection, a bit of wisdom and the benefit of hindsight settle into spaces and cracks left by all that incandescence, sparkle and shine of youth. God willing  I shall be most happy with just a bit more endurance. So I accept and humbly appreciate all of your past, current and future prayers on behalf of Raj and myself. And we are happy to return the favor.




NOTE: Posts for next couple of weeks are pre-posted, random, unlinked to anything going on in the real world. In other words, totally open threads so treat accordingly.

Sunday, June 25, 2023

Time Is Short, But You Wear It Well (Shortcake Redux)

Strawberry season was short and not as sweet as usual here in Michigan's southeast quadrant. Most likely too little sun, too little rain. Still, we did score a couple of tasty quarts for cereal and yes, shortcake. And honestly, a bad in-season homegrown quart of strawberries will always be better than a crate of selectively bred-to-travel-cross-country-in-all-four-seasons California strawberries. So we wore them well.


“You knew it did not cost the earth, but for what it's worth
You made me feel a millionaire and you wear it well”

I recall last week’s pro/con discussion of whipped cream on strawberry shortcake and must advise that in our house whipped cream is most certainly NOT optional. In fact extra whipped cream around here is considered just a smidge below mandatory.


Wear it well.