Saturday, April 2, 2016

Trigger Warning: You Gotta Break a Few Eggs


natural snowflake1

One would hope that today’s snowflakes would be outraged by the White House’s censoring of the words “Islamic Terrorism” from President Hollande’s remarks.

President Barack Obama and French President Francois Hollande met in Washington on Thursday to discuss ways for the two countries to work together to defeat terrorism. But the White House apparently had zero appetite for Hollande’s mention of Islamist terrorism, since it censored the phrase from the official White House video of the meeting posted on the White House website. – The Federalist

Only, of course, they will not – be outraged that is. As they too find the words he chose – “Islamic Terrorism” - “triggering” at best and a microaggression at worst, and therefore inappropriate. They are perfectly fine with censoring themselves and everyone else who use words they disagree with, or that in any way make anyone, anywhere, at any time uncomfortable.

God help us when these children rule the world – oh wait - they never will.


The sheeple will just continue to follow their shepherd, where ever he (trigger warning: gender microaggresion) may lead them.

For they believe America to be an evil imperial empire that deserves to be ruled by its betters. I’m sure the Islamic Terrorists, whose name we dare not mention, will be happy to oblige.

Trigger warning: Islamic Terrorists have no qualms about breaking a few eggs in order to enjoy their omelet:

24-isis-palmyra-executions.nocrop.w529.h312 Destruction_of_the_Temple_of_Baalshamin

1isisarch.adapt.768.1Censoring: before, during and after.

By the time our generational snowflakes figure this out on their own, it will be too late.


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Friday, April 1, 2016

April Fools Ain’t What They Used To Be

We’ve reached the point in history when April Fools Day is irrelevant. With Facebook, Twitter, and the entire Obama administration we surely don’t need to wait for April First to be made fools of any more.


Ask yourself, who needs April Fools:

  • When John Kerry, in the wake of the Brussels ISIS attack, tells the world that ISIS was striking in Europe because they’re weak: “Its fantasy of a caliphate is collapsing before their eyes. It's territory is shrinking. Its leaders are decimated. Its revenue sources are dwindling, and its fighters are fleeing.”


  • When Hillary tells us she’s “so sick of lies” - and she’s not talking about her own:


You say you want a revolution


I could go on and on; who couldn’t? Butt since our culture and history is now dictated by hashtags, how about you provide one of your own? #aprilfools

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Thursday, March 31, 2016

I See Your Moral Equivalency and Raise My Moral Outrage

I see the Saudi government is planning to amp up the penalty for homosexual behavior after it observed an increase in “perverts” displaying “sins and obscenities” on social media in the otherwise Sunni Kingdom. In a land where “acting gay” is already illegal, the current punishments for first-time offenders - fines, prison terms and whippings - have proved to be inadequate deterrents.  From now on they will be executed.

UK Express — Saudi law makers could impose the death penalty on gay people who show their sexuality in public and on social media, according to reports.

driving while gayAnd don’t even think about Driving While Gay in the land of the Saud

So let me see if I have this correct: In Saudi Arabia you can be executed for walking while gay (WWG), and we are supposed to be okay with that because, uh, cultural differences…religious accommodations; or something.

Since the Religion of Peace dictates that gay behavior cannot be tolerated we must simply accept the fact that GLDM (Gay Lives Don’t Matter) in the land of the Sauds.

Meanwhile, in the land of the blackboards (whoops - apologies, micro-aggression right there) we cannot even tolerate…chalking? Apparently not if it’s the chalking of names you don’t approve of – in public! In ALL CAPS! That would signify racist, homophobic, sexist sentiments which our snowflakes find both threatening and intolerable.


The victims will need safe spaces, apologies, counselors, tea and sympathy

“After meeting with our students, I cannot dismiss their expression of feelings and concern as motivated only by political preference or over-sensitivity. Instead, the students with whom I spoke heard a message, not about political process or candidate choice, but instead about values regarding diversity and respect that clash with Emory’s own.” WaPo

I’m pretty sure I see the moral equivalency now. And I, too, am filled with rage.


And now if you’ll excuse me,  I need to go to my safe space.


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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Today’s Marketing Tip

Due to technical difficulties I missed last night’s townhall. Due to continuing technical difficulties I’m doing an open thread today.

Butt I will pass along this helpful tip I found on American Digest - it’s called “How to Market Blueberries.” 


I don’t think this approach is limited to blueberries, in fact I believe it could be used effectively with nearly any organic product. Think of the possibilities!


Ed: Hey Don, Ted, John: Try putting the “oysters” in an organic box for a while…I’m beginning to think that perhaps this election cycle is getting to me. Butt carry on; I’ll join you in progress.

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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Today’s Helpful Tip For Avoiding a M.U.S.L.I.M Attack: Pack Your Own Bomb

It’s been  exactly one week since the Muslim Underbelly of Sharia Leaning Ideological Misanthropes™ (M.U.S.L.I.M.)  - whoops, sorry snowflakes, I forgot my trigger warning – blew up the Brussels airport.

campus trigger warning_thumb[1]Snowflakes: Please remove your meltdown to the nearest safe space.

And already the security theatre authorities have sprung into action: Brussels attacks: Security scanners could be installed at airport entrances' in wake of bomb terror.

Case for installing a security perimeter outside airport arrival halls will be examined during an emergency meeting of experts that has been called for March 31, according to EU sources

Security scanners could be installed at the entrances to airports, under proposals to be discussed next week in the wake of the Brussels terrorist attack, the Telegraph understands.

Great idea! Move the security theatre curtain away from Starbucks and American Airlines to the front door of the terminals. I’ve taken the liberty of doing a mockup of what we can expect should the European Commission vote yes on the proposal: red marks the location where the first explosion occurred, blue the second attack, and green, the new security checkpoints…which will serve as the site of all future suicide explosions.

motus mockup of future explosions once the security gates have been relocated

Wow! How hard is it to figure this stuff out?

It’s sort of like the old George Carlin routine where he used to quote statistics that the odds of finding yourself on a commercial airline flight with a bomb aboard were 1 in 22 billion, and that the odds of being on a commercial flight with 2 bombs are an astronomical 1 in 800 quadrillion. He concluded by suggesting that in order to ensure your safety you should always bring your own bomb. And only travel in Suicide Bomber Free Zones.


We are definitely in the very best of hands.

“I can't wait until the Middle East really explodes. Ancient hatred and modern weapons. My kind of show, man!” - George Carlin



cheshire MOTUS copyI am MOTUS, and I reassemble deconstructed reality in order to reflect it back to you. What’s your superpower?

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Monday, March 28, 2016

The Obamas’ 8th Annual White House Spring Sphere Roll

Having returned from their Cuban holiday

lucy ricky ricardo

and their Argentinian dancing with the stars road trip

tango dance argentinaWhiskey! Tango! Foxtrot!

the Wons arrived home in time for Big Guy to hit his annual Holy Saturday round of golf. They also got home in time to attend the bi-annual Easter church service and sing-along. Although I think that may have been just a rumor started by the media as the only picture produced - in People magazine


- is actually from 2014; trust me on this, your mirror never forgets an image. Butt what’s one more little white lie when nobody cares?

obamas easter 2014Obamas go to church on Easter, 2014; apparently they wore the same clothes this year.

Anyway, we’re up to the annual Spring Roll – and this year marks the Obamas’ eighth White House Spring Sphere Roll – which is kind of like an egg roll,


except it’s not fried, so it’s a lot healthier. And springy-er:


Seriously though, can you believe this is the 8th Egg Roll hosted by Big Guy and Lady M!? I still remember the first as if it were yesterday, do you? Everyone was so nervous about getting everything right that we even had run-throughs the week before to make sure everything would go smoothly at the actual Spring Roll.  - From Spring Roll Run-Through in 30 Seconds, with Peeps:

We had a little run-through with a bunch of the the staff’s kids. You remember how Lady M likes to greet little kids when they come to visit us at the Big White don’t you? Well, it looks like we’re going to have to work on her initial welcome before the actual Spring Roll. Lady M doesn’t want to scare the little children. Again.

Let’s just say the run through could have gone smoother. First of all, as you know, Lady M is just coming off her latest Botox treatment, and I guess some of the children didn’t recognize her. I don’t think it had anything to do with the boob belt. But you know how it is with kids - once one of them gets all hyper on you, the hysteria just spreads like chicken pox. The actual video was a little too ugly to use, in fact its been confiscated by the Secret Service. So I’ve staged a little re-enactment with Peeps to show you the sequence of events:

So I hope all goes well this year and Big Guy doesn’t embarrass himself again trying to shoot baskets:

2 out of 22 ain’t bad, right?

And I hope the bee-keeps manage to persuade all the White House bees to stay in their hives so as not to terrorize the little children again:

When bees attack!

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Sunday, March 27, 2016

Easter Sunday 2016

He is not here:


for he is risen as he said. Come and see the place where he lay.

Screenshot Studio capture #473 Matthew 28:6

Easter wishes to all. May your day of rebirth be filled with joy, love, hope and forgiveness. And perhaps a chocolate bunny or two, at your discretion.

cripes easter bunniesIncognito bunny h/t Cripes Suzette

So I suggest we all take a break from politics and politicians, enjoy the day and, if the weather allows, get out in the fresh air, breathe deep and remind yourself: only 298 more days! And trust the hand of God to see us through.

Jesus said unto her, I am the resurrection, and the life: He that believeth in me, though he were dead, yet shall he live: And whosoever liveth and believeth in me shall never die.

Screenshot Studio capture #2554

Believest thou this? John 11: 25-26

sunrise bryce canyon

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