Friday, April 1, 2016

April Fools Ain’t What They Used To Be

We’ve reached the point in history when April Fools Day is irrelevant. With Facebook, Twitter, and the entire Obama administration we surely don’t need to wait for April First to be made fools of any more.


Ask yourself, who needs April Fools:

  • When John Kerry, in the wake of the Brussels ISIS attack, tells the world that ISIS was striking in Europe because they’re weak: “Its fantasy of a caliphate is collapsing before their eyes. It's territory is shrinking. Its leaders are decimated. Its revenue sources are dwindling, and its fighters are fleeing.”


  • When Hillary tells us she’s “so sick of lies” - and she’s not talking about her own:


You say you want a revolution


I could go on and on; who couldn’t? Butt since our culture and history is now dictated by hashtags, how about you provide one of your own? #aprilfools

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