Friday, June 12, 2020

What A World

Rare selfie of MOTUS and Raj cruising home:

We did honk on our way through West Des Moines Jean, did you hear us?

Noted a protest going on in Iowa City (college town) – exit closed and dozens of police cars – brought to you by the “History Begins Today!” club. Fortunately we didn’t drive through earlier as “protestors forced the closing of I-80” earlier, which was the fourth time they did so within an 8 day period.You can’t even mind your own business on a busy Interstate anymore.

Other then that, all’s quiet on the Western front. Hope it remains that way today, as we will be passing thru the Chicago area today, unarmed, as required by Illinois law. Yet we, the law-abiding supporters of the President and liberty as delineated in our Constitution are the problem, not the fascists closing down highways and torching private property.

What a world. And I’m not thinking “wonderful.”