Friday, March 2, 2018

MOTUS Twilight Nocturne Lounge: Janice the Elder Edition

The lounge is now open!

MOTUS TNL sign[5]

We’re gathered here this evening  to send Janice the American Elder sailing happily into the sunset with all her tools, professional chemistry kits and computer in order to wreak havoc on the world outside of Los Alamos after spending decades dedicated to re-engineering the landscape and driving bureaucrats crazy. Well done, Janice!


Raj (in conjunction with Homer ) created this special tribute video as a rat race sendoff for JtAE

So please leave your food contribution for tonight’s party on the buffet table next to the bar.

Little Mo made some special cupcakes:

mole cupcakes_thumb[6]

You can drop your virtual gift for Janice’s use in retirement on the table at the back of the lounge. 

Here’s what I got her:

janiceengineer gifts

Feel free to leave suggestions for JtAE’s post-retirement hobbies in the comment section.

I think her chemistry and engineering proclivities makes her a natural for recreational molecular gastronomy (discussed in this vintage post). As far as I can ascertain MG requires both mechanical engineering and a solid grasp of mysterious chemical reactions that when combined create “food” called “foams, emulsions and Polymer Melts.” The ingredients for such constructs include Sodium Alginate, Calcium Chloride, Sodium Citrate, Isomalt and – I hope you’re sitting down -   Transglutaminase - that’s … Meat GlueNot to put too fine a point to it, butt I think this is right up JtAE’s alley. 

spherical balloons The spherification of zygotes

Also, please deposit all of your musical sendoffs in the comments section as well so we may all sing, sway and dance as we are able. I selected about 2 dozen tunes but narrowed it down to just 3. The first was a no-brainer as I just know that someone as unique as Janice did it her way, within the confines and strictures of the Department of Energy of course.

My next selection is because I’ve always thought that Luckenbach Texas would be a swell place to retire if one was inclined to relocate. Also I like the song and think this is a great party version:

And my final selection is from my ever growing vault of “shut up and sing” artists – Art Garfunkel, performing Breakaway, because that’s really what retirement is. Plus it’s a lovely, romantic melody and Art was blessed with the voice of an angel.

I would just like to wrap up this party post with a piece of advice which I now realize should have been passed along before Janice actually left her job at the Lab.


So just sidle up to the bar, give Little Mo (he’s the mole in the MAGA hat) a nod – he knows what you want – and settle in for an evening of fun and reminiscing.

motus TNL MAGA-bar

Oh, and please behave. I don’t have any bouncers.