Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Anti-Semitism: Deadly When Practiced Without Muslim Immunity

Remember Hilary Rosen?

hilary-rosen_elizabeth-birchHilary Rosen, with her 2 children (and former partner Elizabeth Birch).

NOTE: if Big Guy had a LGBT child, he/she would like one of these.

We last encountered her when she attacked Ann Romney for “never working a day in her life,” as part of the Democrats’ War on Women Who Aren’t Liberal. She ended up apologizing to Ann Romney for that crack, but some people never learn. Sunday she was again busy being offended by something she must have seen on either her Facebook or Instagram feed:

screengrab hilary rosen bacon

Seeing anti-Semitism everywhere, especially at Georgetown, she couldn’t help but rub it in again later:

rosen tweet 2

Unfortunately she was addressing her outrage at Mr. Bakan, pronounced “bacon,” who apparently has taken to wearing his special bespoke suit to Georgetown athletic events.

bacon man facebookFrom Mr. Bakan’s Facebook page

Not to worry, Rosen apologized for her mis-misunderstanding:

hilary responds

Razor analyzed this short lived dispute:


My only question: why wasn’t anyone outraged about his friend in the cardinal suit carrying a giant picture of Jesus? What’s that all about? Is he anti-Christian? Anti-Catholic?

bacon manInquiring minds want to know; have at it CNN.

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