Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Bring Back the #HeathrowBears

In honor of President Trump’s trip to London, and because there’s only 22 shopping days till Christmas, I give you last year’s Heathrow Bears “advert” as the Brits call them.

Heathrow Christmas advert 2018

In it we see the homesick couple, Edward and Doris Bair returning to London, and their family, from their retirement home in Florida when they realize that sunshine isn’t everything. We see them arriving at Heathrow, where they met and their romance began 50 years ago.

2017 Heathrow Christmas advert

Why Europe’s busiest airport that operates at near capacity needs an “advert” at all is unclear to me, but then I don’t understand Democratic Socialism either. However if you’re going to advertise to your nearly captive audience The Heathrow Bears is certainly the way to go.

So naturally they killed the campaign this year. That’s right, the Bairs won’t be back for this year’s Christmas advert – and I note, they still boldly used the word “Christmas” in the adverts. Perhaps that’s why they’ve been banished.

For your enjoyment, here is Heathrow’s 2018 offering. You will see why millions of Brits were disappointed on hearing they won’t be back this year.

Those darned Brits, you simply can’t trust them to not muck up a good thing.