Sunday, December 1, 2019

Who Was It That Called Journalists “Useful Idiots”

Image result for washington postAnd they should know

There’s so much out there that I occasionally lose track of some of my favorites, like Daniel Greenfield. This is his latest from Frontpage Magazine: WASHINGTON POST: AMERICANS BELIEVING THE MEDIA IS A “PATRIOTIC”* DUTY:

Margaret Sullivan has been melting down for a while. But this meltdown, as the public backs further away from impeachment, is truly glorious.

“I don’t know what to believe’ is an unpatriotic cop-out. Do better, Americans.” – Washington Post

We’re in Bertolt Brecht territory here. Time to replace the people with a people the media approve of. Open borders for everyone.

More from Sullivan:

If every American did any two of the following things, the “who knows?” club could be swiftly disbanded. Subscribe to a national newspaper and go beyond the headlines into the substance of the main articles; subscribe to your local newspaper and read it thoroughly — in print, if possible; watch the top of “PBS NewsHour” every night; watch the first 15 minutes of the half-hour broadcast nightly news; tune in to a public-radio news broadcast;…

If you’re pressed for time because you just realized there’s only 24 days (that’s just a smidge over 3 weeks!) till Christmas I’ll cut right to the chase: Margaret Sullivan thinks it’s your patriotic duty to accept and internalize without question the agitprop that she and her ilk churn out. And she gets mad at you when you don’t.

First, the media barrages the public with hysterical clickbait. And then whines when the inevitable apathy sets in.

"How dare you ignore me when I keep screaming at you?"

Kind of reminds me of someone…oh yeah:

How dare you!?