Friday, March 26, 2021

About That Slippery Slope Thing…

A reminder to our friends on the left who are fond of mocking us for mentioning the slippery slope phenomenon:slippery-slope

it exists, and it is detrimental to the course of human events.  Take for example the path of the progressive little white lie along that slippery slope.

Bill Clinton: “Everybody lies about sex.”

See the source image

Hillary Clinton: “Everybody lies about emails (and other stuff that’s none of your business).”


Hunter Biden: “Everybody lies about drugs (and other stuff that’s none of your business).” 


Mainstream Media: “Everybody lies about dementia (and other stuff that’s true but we don’t want you to know about or is untrue and we want you to believe anyway).” (MSM)

biden presser

Ah yes, the most dubiously elected President in the history of the United States even has trouble with the paint–by-number presser his own staff put together for him.

Yes America, where are we indeed? Pretty close to the bottom of that slope half the country pretends doesn’t exist, that’s where.

slippery road