Tuesday, March 23, 2021

Throwback Thursday, Tuesday Edition

Cool Brew asked yesterday if anyone remembered the “Barack Hussein Obama umm, umm, umm” song that teachers across America had their charges sing back in the good old days. I’m certain I did a post on it at the time and was searching the blog for “umm, um, um.” I never found the Brown Shirt post butt you’d be surprised at how often the term “umm, um, um” has appeared over the years.

I’m leaving this little gem from 2015 that I stumbled across for your Throwback Thursday-On-Tuesday edition reading pleasure. I’m off to get new glasses that I’ve deferred for a year now due to cootie constraints. When you can no longer read the fine print it might be time to fill the new script.

So have a good time. You might want to click on the original link, here, to see the original comments as well, there are voices of some of our fallen comrades (greetingsfromyonkers, JanicetheElder, deehra – aka NotMySocks, Claire) as well as some who have just gone missing, whereabouts unknown, like Lili.

Originally posted June 4, 2015. Have some fun in the way-back machine:

Lady M summoned the little children to the White House yesterday for her spring garden harvest meal.

Screenshot Studio capture #2682

Staff harvested the garden earlier Wednesday, so all that was left for the first lady and two dozen students to do was to prepare the waiting baskets and bowls of cauliflower, kohlrabi, broccoli, fennel and lettuce.

Umm, um um – that sounds yummy.

Screenshot Studio capture #2683Jefferson Lopez-Martinez demonstrates gang sign for a peanut butter and jelly sandwich

She also told the children that it's important to help bees, butterflies and other creatures that spread the pollen around.

pic_giant2_021715_SM_Psaki-Harf-300x180Charter members of Future Obama Pollinators of Amerika [ed. Did I call this one right or what?]

Some of this year’s crop of inductees appeared resistant to pollination:

Jefferson Lopez-Martinez, 5, of CentroNia Daycare Center“Stuff an apple in it, Lady M.”

I wonder if Dr. Jilly will be replanting Lady M’s Organic Garden of Good and Evil with healthy foodstuffs to feed her frail husband. Guessing no.