Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Dream A Little DREAM For Me

December 21,Winter Solstice, marks day 4 of our Hawaiian Dream. Lady M, the Wee Wons, little Bo and I left for Hawaii last Saturday.


Upon arrival, poor little Bo  was targeted by the TSA for a full body pat down. He was eventually released in the custody of his handlers.



Unfortunately, that left Big Guy home alone, without his best friend. (Little Bo I mean, not MO.) BO’s been very busy twisting arms over the phone and so far he’s only been partially successful: winning DADT butt losing his DREAM. Although today’s vote is the one nearest to Big Guy’s heart: he’s dreamed of being the President who brings down the U.S. rids the world of nuclear arms since he was just a mere pup himself. And who are we, the American people, to stand in the way of that dream?

So today, the Senate finally votes on the ratification of the START treaty that would let us start destroying our nuclear arms at an accelerated rate at the same time NKorea and Iran are building theirs up.(Think of it as global re-alignment.) Big Guy’s been twisting arms all week to ensure enough votes from his reliable RINOs to ensure that we can do this. It will prove to be embarrassing if Big Guy can’t deliver on the one Winter Holiday present that he promised Dimitri .

bookends“I call, and raise the bid a trillion rubles”

Apparently there’s a bit of push back in the Senate. Something about the sections and amendments in the START Treaty that are written in Russian. Some of the R-words are muttering that the Senate doesn’t pass anything written in Russian. Spanish, yes. Butt Russian: nyet (translation: “No, not yet”).

Lady M and Granny R have some sort of special Winter Solstice services scheduled this morning, to implore the powers of the universe to help Big Guy get his very important treaty ratified. Granny has held these little ceremonies before butt thankfully, my attendance has not been “requested” this time. They always seem to screw up my internal drives and it takes weeks for them to self correct. I suspect it has something to do with magnetic forces, butt I prefer not to think about it.


Well, I have to get to the Spa. They have Winter Solstice specials going on today only, and I have a Glass Wax polish and shine lined up, as well as a special green lithium battery recharge.  I know that the reflections I’ll be called on to make during the coming week will be, shall we say, taxing, so I want to be operating at peak capacity.

Before I go, a weather update from the Big Island: it continues to rain intermittently with snow forecast for the higher altitudes! What’s going on? Is Al Gore spending Christmas here too?