Tuesday, February 16, 2016

How I Spent My President’s Day Evening

How did you spend your President’s Day evening? I did a couple of things I haven’t done in a long time. First I watched The Five where Meghan McCain was filling in for Dana Perino.  Butt before you say anything let me note that she was actually a refreshing change of pace, and somebody has been giving that girl some serious coaching and training. It’s going to be hard to overcome her dingbat Valley Girl persona, butt she is evolving in the right direction. If Eric Bolling were to get some training from Meghan’s coach and they booted Juan and Geraldo permanently I might watch the show again; occasionally.

Next, thanks to the magic of the DVR, I watched the Grammys. Well, some of the Grammys; I fast forwarded through the performances of the people I’ve never heard of and managed to watch everything of interest in less than 15 minutes, including some commercials.

Some ot the lo-lights of the show included the obligatory BLM salute from Kendrick Lamar. Here he is beginning his performance of (trigger warning) "The BlackerThe Berry" by marching in with a chain gang while his band played from behind bars. That’s legit.


Justin Beiber is growing up badly: I know shocking isn’t it?


Adele’s performance was badly off tune; it was as if she and her piano player were on different planets, or at least different sound stages.


Funkiest hair of the night award went hands down to The Weeknd - real name Abęl Makkonen Tesfay – whose unique hairdo cannot be done justice in one picture.


Even The Donald couldn’t compete with The Weeknd.

Lady Gaga, fresh off her sedate Super Bowl performance, returned to her true nature for the Grammys – as a red head.


She did a mashup of David Bowie tunes that even Ziggy Stardust would have approved of.

There were lots of winners and losers last night butt the biggest of the night was clearly a political choice – Hillary Clinton performing "Who let the dogs out" with the Baha Men.  It was yuge!

Please, hold your “bitch” jokes for the next debate. Or not.

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