Monday, February 15, 2016

Fasten Your Seat Belt, It’s Gonna Be a Long Year

Here we are, President’s Day 2016 and Big Guy is still golfing somewhere in California (although no press photos will be allowed),

bo sandtrap not playing this course again

Lady M is allegedly skiing incognito somewhere in Aspen (although no press photos will be allowed),


That can mean only one thing: we’ve survived 6 major federal holidays this year: New Year’s Eve,

mo drinking wine

Martin Luther King Day,

hillary drinking the potion

Groundhog Day,

obama-drinking-guiness-thumbs-up-e1359564382968“Early Spring? Booyah!”

Fat Tuesday,


Super Bowl,

 effeminate-obama-drinking-beer4th down, 10 to go

Valentine’s Day,

I heart grimaces“I heart grimaces”

and now: President’s Day.

obama still president what a hangoverObama-straw

Coming up: Leap Year (as if we need an extra day this year),

CLIFF TOP WARNINGcar-flying-off-cliffYou’ve been warned.

St. Patrick’s Day,

boehner-drinking“Give me a call if you need any help. I know people.”


cripes easter bunniesAnd another incognito vacation for Lady M

and then, April Fools!


It’s shaping up to be quite a year.

dog spoon lobster

Be sure to fasten your seat belt.

The-Barkleys-Subaru-235x176“peddle to the metal, hang on!”

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