Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Our Former Rooster Eats Some Crow

Triangulation sure worked a whole lot better for Big Bill than it has for Big Guy. Just more evidence of racism in America.

slip sliding away  If I make myself really small maybe I can slip into another dimension.

The “Big White” Capon has forged a tax cut compromise that seems to have everyone torqued off. Including Big Guy himself. He called the R-words “hostage takers,” the Dems “sanctimonious” and – while he didn’t mention them by name – you could tell he was miffed at his former media cheer leading squad as well.

briefing roomBig White Briefing Room: where the supportive media used to cover Big Guy’s readings.

BO called the presser on the anniversary of Pearl Harbor, and used the coincidence to invoke all sorts of imagery reminiscent of fighting against mortal enemies. In addition to his “hostage” comments, Big Guy talked about “bomb throwers” (John Boehner) and referenced “fights” and “fighting” so often it sounded like he might be preparing to declare war on Korea.

It was one of the best snits I’ve ever seen, and believe-you-me, I’ve seen a few these past 2 years. You might think Lady M gave Big Guy some pointers, butt he threw this one all on his own. As the saying goes:

“Heav'n hath no rage like love to hatred turn'd. Nor hell hath a fury, like a woman scorn'd.”

And don’t get your panties in a bundle, I’m not calling Big Guy a “woman.”  It’s just a metaphor. You know, like “hostage takers.”

Some critics are calling BO’s performance both unprincipled and ungracious, claiming he acted like a petulant brat.


Wow! If that’s all it takes to elicit that kind of criticism, we’re in for a rough two years. In fact, Big Guy was simply engaging his tried and true professorial persona: a measured yet clearly discernable disdain for the morons and ungrateful heathens he has to educate.

Let’s face it: it was a Catch 22 situation: How do you compromise between the Republicans “Holy Grail of tax cuts” and the Democrats Holy Grail of wealth redistribution? It took all of King Solomon's wisdom for Big Guy to decide to cave. And now, all he’s getting for his effort is criticism.

People have no idea how hard it is to triangulate while eating crow.

crow fried Would you like a little malaise on that fried crow?