Saturday, December 11, 2010

Obama has left the building

Remember when Newsweek speculated that maybe the president’s job was just too big for any one person? That Big Guy could use some assistance? Well, we took their critique of the job to heart, and have been searching for someone qualified to pinch hit for the Won.

We needed someone capable of buttressing our historic, transformative leader. Someone with deft political skills as well as experience and maturity.  Someone with presidential ability, but no active presidential aspirations.

Someone like Bill Clinton…hey, why not Bill?!?

eat more beef bo That vegan diet really seems to be working. Lady M would approve.

And why not? He loves the fine art of negotiation, hammering out the compromise, adjudicating a settlement, practicing the fine art and finesse of crafting a workable deal – all of the crap that Big Guy hates, and, let’s face it, he’s so bad at.

Big Guy and Big Dawg met alone earlier yesterday, and while I don’t know specifically what they discussed, it must have gone well because they decided to hold a joint informal presser to announce their co-presidency. And it worked out really well, because as it turned out Big Guy had to leave! Lady M promised Sidwell that he’d show up for Sasha’s Winter Holiday program. And you don’t promise things that you can’t deliver on.

After a few minutes, Obama seemed to conclude that he would be better served by being out of the picture than as a bystander. "I've been keeping the first lady waiting for about half an hour, so I'm going to take off," he said.

Clinton responded, "Well, I - I don't want to make her mad. Please go."

Two items of note here: first, NOBODY wants to make MO angry. And second, doesn’t “Please go” sound like an order? Either way, it doesn’t quite make BO look like the in-charge commander[-in-chief.

x610 Lady M and BO arriving for a prescheduled Sidwell Friends school commitment. I think it was a Winter Holiday program, with cookies and hot cocoa.

Of course, when BO left and Bill took over, there was a moment of confusion. Was Big Guy quitting? Was the big Dawg taking over? The Twitterers were going crazy.

Clinton, who highlighted how the plan extends unemployment benefits for 13 months, joked that he made "quite a bit of money now, so the position that the Republicans have urged will personally benefit me."

"And on its own, I wouldn't support it because I don't think that my tax cut is the most economically efficient way to get the economy going again," said the former president, who is vastly popular.

Is this guy a master of triangulation, or WHAT!?

I’m not sure I’ve got the complete bead on how this Bill/Bo thing came together, but I think George Soros arranged it in order to preserve his investment.  If it works out we’re going to introduce a new plan to reduce the deficit.  We’ll be initiating a weekly auction for a “Be  co-president for a day.” Opening bid will be $25 Billion. As I understand it, Bill has enough financial backing to give him the job for at least the next year.

Obama Clinton “I said, Obama has left the building.”   

I’m not sure that’s such a good idea though. All Bill does is remind people what a real president was like.  And that constitutional amendment that everyone was talking about after Big Guy won his historic election – the one that would allow him to run for a 3rd, 4th or even 5th term?  I guess that would apply to everyone. Maybe it’s not such a good idea after all.