Thursday, January 5, 2012

After America World

Well, I can’t report just yet on the results of my secret auditions for FLOTUS here at the GOP Bowl in Des Moines, butt as soon as I finish tabulating the scores, I’ll post the results and let you all vote on a potential R-word FLOTUS.

Until then, here’s a little story unrelated to the GOP Bowl. File it away under “Iron Curtain Irony”. Zbigniew Brzezinski (father of Ms.NBC’s “you’re diving deep into the Obama tank” Mika Brzeinski)  is now whining that “after America” the world may well devolve into a big hot mess. 


Ziggy & the second worst US President of all time


                                                                                      Ziggi’s Little Princess

Aside from the obvious irony of this observation coming from Zbigniew, who has actively worked towards that end ever since his emigration from his native Poland, he’s a bit late to the party. Mark Steyn has been all over this issue for a long time. Here’s an excellent Mark-on-Mark interview with Mark Levin talking to Mark Steyn about his book After America.

I guess now that it appears Big Guy may be bringing Soviet era bread lines to the Big Apple, Zigi regrets working so diligently for CHANGE?

No one has worked harder to ensure the “after America” scenario than Zbigniew. Other than Big Guy of course.


Reporting from America’s heartland, this is MOTUS.