Friday, November 30, 2018

FLOTUS Friday: Great Ladies in Red Edition

For a month with one fewer day than most, November has seemed interminable - what with the relentlessly gray skies, seemingly unending recounts, endless surge of migrants and incessant yammering of the Media NPC about all of the above. And now comes the big reveal of next month’s theme: Russia Russia Russia!

trump take down letter from russia source

It’s a repeat, perfect for the holiday season. So we shall ignore it and focus instead on the magnificent Christmas decorations at the White House. And make no mistake, this year’s Christmas display is decidedly Christmas:


All of the decorations are simply stunning:

Screen Capture #344Screen Capture #349

Of course the NPC focused only on the passageway with red trees. Because for some reason when we do not have a Marxist in the White House these now signify Russia Russia Russia!


And racism and misogyny. Because the NPC say so.

I would just like to point out that in addition to being one of the two primary colors of Christmas, red is a very fine and natural color. Especially for trees:      red wood

red fall

As well as other stately creatures both great…

lady in red

and sheep

And I’d like to recommend the perfect red topper for them all:


Have a great TGIF.