Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Mars: The Red Planet Will Not Be White

America landed the InSight on Mars yesterday.

InSight lander

At Mission Control there were a lot of hugs, high fives and woot-woots upon receiving confirmation (although I’m sure their diversity officer advised against the hugs).

insight hugs2insight3

Still, it was a far cry from the exuberant flag waving celebration that accompanied Apollo 11’s moon landing in 1969.

apollo moon landing 69moon

Flags are currently deemed too nationalistic to be displayed when we accomplish something as a nation that nobody else has, it’s considered taunting. And as I noted yesterday, concerns about America’s “colonization of yet another planet” have already been raised so we’ll be keeping this American achievement low key in the media so as not be be accused of hubris in the court of international opinion.

Anyway, I think the landing may present the perfect solution to the current mess at the border. Since the NWO doesn’t want the U.S. to colonize space, let’s give that honor to the Third World this time! We could send all the Pakistanis, Iranians, Somalis, Mexicans and Central Americans that have been “detained” for entering our country illegally to Mars to crack rocks or whatever.


It will be just like Australia, without the water. I’ve even got a recruiting poster:


Mars: It’s not for old white guys. Bring me your chocolate, your mocha, your teeming caramel…

mars bar3

NOTE: I’ll be out all day as we’re attending a funeral for an old colleague and very dear friend.