Saturday, July 8, 2017

Word From CNN: Putin Wins!

Trump meets Putin at the G-20. They discuss Russian interference in the election and agree on a Syrian ceasefire. CNN reports on the comments from the respective Secretaries of State on the topic of “hacking” which, rather unsurprisingly, disagree on what Trump and Putin said to each other.

putin trump

putin trumpLooks to me like PDJT has a fairly firm grip on the situation.

But apparently agreeing to disagree isn’t good enough for Chuck E. Schumer who immediately criticized Trump by saying he has an “obligation to take the word of our intelligence community rather than that of the Russian president.” Apparently he, however, has no obligation to take our Secretary of State’s word rather than that of Russia’s Foreign Minister on what transpired in the meeting.

This was the big take-away from the Trump-Putin meeting for both Chucky and CNN. Apparently they both believe Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov and think a Syrian ceasefire is fake news.

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