Friday, July 7, 2017


LoyalReader writes: “MOTUS, I always enjoyed your’“reflections’ of our previous FLOTUS, Lady M, even though the images left me mildly nauseous. Will you be reflecting our new FLOTUS?”

MOTUS replies: Thank you LoyalReader.  I will be reflecting FLOTUS Melania Trump from time to time. In fact, this is the first edition of a new feature, “FLOTUS Friday.” I hope you enjoy it and find most of the images less, uh, challenging.

Let’s begin with FLOTUS 45 arrival in Warsaw, Poland late Wednesday:


     Vogue reports:

…First Lady Melania Trump made a bold impression upon her arrival in Warsaw today. Donning an emerald suede Diane von Furstenberg trench coat, whose silhouette echoed the designer's iconic wrap dress, she punctuating the ensemble with a graphic scarf, also by the American designer. This was a departure from the wardrobe of Trump's first international trip, which favored strict and militaristic silhouettes. The coat-and-scarf combo, by contrast, appeared to take its cues from ‘70s fashion, projecting a polished yet louche quality.

Now, let’s compare that image with FLOTUS 44 arriving in Poland at the end of Big Guy’s 2011 European vacation apology tour meeting with important, international people:


Oh wait – I forgot: Lady M didn’t continue on to Poland with Big Guy, choosing instead to go home following the visit to one of Barack Hussein O’Bama’s ancestral homelands - Ireland:

mo bo arrriving[4 orningall IrelandMO, arriving in Moneygall, Ireland as elegant as usual

Although she did have a Trumpian moment there, due to the prevailing winds:

mo's trumpian hair

As I reported at the time (A Polish Joke: How many terms does it take an Obama administration to screw democracy?):

I know many of you were disappointed that Lady M decided to go home with a sick headache instead of accompanying Big Guy to Poland. Butt trust me, I saw what she had packed for that leg of the trip, and I think it was just as well.

backwards blouses copyBackward Blouses – could be mistaken for a Polish Joke

And in case anyone is still missing the good old days – of non-“louche” FLOTUS fashion - here’s a retrospective of Lady M’s 4th of July White House attire:

4th of july retro

        Decidedly not as “louchey” as Melania’s first 4th of July selection:


I don’t know about you but I think we’ll manage the “louche” FLOTUS years quite well, thank you very much.

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