Saturday, May 28, 2011

A Polish Joke: How many terms does it take an Obama administration to screw democracy?

Big Guy’s last stop on his European vacation turned out to be a real highlight. He was really surprised and delighted with Poland, where he had important meetings,

polish assembly 

… met with important people,

flowers on floorOK, what wisenheimer put the floral arrangement on the floor? Couldn’t we get through this without a Polish joke?

and got to review the Polish honor guard:

this is what I'm looking for

troopsOh yeah, baby: this is what I’m talkin’ about!


This is exactly what Big Guy had in mind for his “civilian national security force” that's “just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded” as the military.

O-Team fall 2010 copyProposed jacket cover design for Big Guy’s next book: “I Have a Really Big dream”        Photo Credit: Lady M’s Fall Fabulosity

waitawhileWhoa! Maybe the goose-step is going a bit too far. I don’t want to make my Jewish voting block uneasy.

Big Guy told the Polish people that because of their history and their experience with throwing off the shackles of oppression in the pursuit of democracy, they can serve as an inspiration and guidepost for the nascent democracies in the Middle East. Remember when we used to provide that function?

Maybe we should take notes now on how it was that Poland managed to overthrow communism. You know, just in case we need to reference them at some future date? And it probably wouldn’t hurt to keep Lech Walesa's number in our electronic rolodex.

I know many of you were disappointed that Lady M decided to go home with a sick headache instead of accompanying Big Guy to Poland. Butt trust me, I saw what she had packed for that leg of the trip, and I think it was just as well.

Backward Blouses:




strange and ill-fitted suits:

annotated walmart suit















…and colorful frocks:


We don’t really need any more Polish jokes, do we? Especially if Lady M would be the butt of them.

Oh, and the answer to the joke: to be provided tomorrow. In the meantime, feel free to provide your own answers.

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