Sunday, May 22, 2011

Apocalypse Mao and Frau

That yesterday was not the Rapture – the day the chosen ascend to glory – came as no surprise to anyone around here. As is commonly acknowledged, that occurred on January 20, 2009.

michelle-obama-barack-obama-inauguration-ballLadies and gentlemen, meet your American Idols!!!

Of course, some still clinging to their guns and religion contend that inaugural WAS the beginning of the Apocalypse. Butt as you know, they were just showing their antipathy.

Knowing that it wasn’t going to be the End of Days, Big Guy marked the day by going about his usual business, golfing. And look! We’re dressed like a grownup today: long pants and a Blackberry!


Butt not before reading the weekly Saturday Radio Address, this one his 371st on education, one of Washington’s favorite money pits. This time our topic was why the “No Child Left Behind” (companion program to Lady M’s “No Child’s Fat Behind”) program needs more money:

We need to reward the reforms that are driven not by Washington, but by principals and teachers and parents.  That’s how we’ll make progress in education – not from the top down, but from the bottom up.  And that’s the guiding principle of the Race to the Top competition my administration started two years ago.

The idea is simple: if states show that they’re serious about reform, we’ll show them the money.

And that’s what we call “Washington logic.” Because by Big Guy’s own admission, the Booker T Washington school he was talking about yesterday managed the remarkable transformation by surprisingly non-monetary based reforms, they created a culture that prizes hard work and discipline, 

So now we know: if something isn’t working we need to throw more money at it, and if something is working we also need to throw more money at it. Especially if there are  special interests groups cheering you on with huge donations and voting blocks. BTW, in case you are wondering how states can show us they’re serious about reform: it translates to how much they demonstrate their ability to help us Win The Future. WTF.


Oh, and one last word on Lady M’s triumphant address at the West Point graduation banquet on Friday night:


Everyone agreed that talking to young cadets about her work to spotlight the “plight” of military families was a nice note for such a joyous occasion marking the end of 4 years of difficult education and training for our future military leaders.

And just as our troops need your leadership and support, their families do as well, because they sacrifice and serve this nation right alongside anyone who wears our uniform.

…And because only one percent of our country serves in the Armed Forces, a lot of Americans simply don’t know many – or any – military families. They aren’t familiar with the resilience it takes to get through a long deployment. They don’t know the courage it takes simply to turn on the evening news. They don’t fully realize the strength you need to move your family for the fourth or fifth or sixth time in a decade.

Oh dear, I wonder if she got her speech mixed up with the empathetic one she gives when she goes out with Dr. Jill to hand out onesies to military wives? She even wore the same sweater she wore to the baby shower.


One thing about Lady M, when she finds a theme she’s comfortable with, she likes to stick to it.

Two sure-fired winners: RED


michelle.glamourmag_250x340This is the original appearance of the West Point Red, tarted up for the Glam holiday fashion cover.

And of course our other go-to comfort zone look, the boob belt, now in the new 2011 metal band silhouette:


hula moves

We’re in good hands now, comrades.

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