Saturday, May 21, 2011

I Hope that Whiff of Manure is Coming From the Organic Garden


don't point that thingat meI’m not kidding little man: don’t point that thing at me again unless you mean it.

Well, I’ll give this to JJ: as far as Big White shills go, he is genuinely the most plausibly clueless mouthpiece we’ve ever sent out there.

I think the handlers determined that the best way for JJ to appear believable was to give him the mushroom treatment, and it seems to be working. Day after day he goes in front of the talking heads to explain that 2+2=5, down is up and white is black – or vice versa, just like a starry-eyed rookie corporate spokesmouth. And while I think the little guy is cute as a puppy, he just doesn’t have the mental acuity to parse words as believably as a James Carville, Paul Begala or even an unpolished old Gibbsy. That’s why it’s best that he know nothing: so he can lie with sincerity.

Case in point: after Bibi said “no thanks” to Big Guy’s thoughtful suggestion of just returning to pre-1967 borders as a peace talk starter, Jay-Jay attempted to clarify the situation for the Forth Estate:

Well done, Portabello.

There was also a ton of more important news yesterday including the Wons parent-teacher conference:

sidwell hawaiian skirtOff to Sidwell, again, in our Hawaiian skirt, again: do we know how to do “recession” or what?

leaving HI

Then for an attempted trompe l'oeil on our Mideast policy statement Big Guy ran over to the CIA after the Netanyahu optics (which weren’t all that attractive, in retrospect).

mostareForget it: MO’s patented stare didn’t turn Carla to stone, and BO’s will not bore a hole through Bibi, who is rock solid.

…in order to take give credit where it was due for taking OBL out.

     When I chose Leon Panetta as Director of the CIA, I said he was going to be a strong advocate for this agency and would strengthen your capabilities to meet the threats of our time.  And when I chose Jim Clapper as Director of National Intelligence, I charged him with making sure that our intelligence community works as one integrated team.  That’s exactly what these two leaders have done, along with all of you.

Whew! First paragraph, after the obligatory “thank yous” and 4 “I’s” already. Thirty five in total for his 7 minute address in case you’re keeping count.

ciaWhile I’m here, maybe I can help you connect all these dots too.

And still we’re not done! Lady M was off to woo wow the graduating cadets and their families at the U.S. Military Academy at West  Point.


More on that later, butt now I’m going to sneak into Lady M’s organic garden of Verses to plant some flowers among the prickly nettles, turnips and black kale. I like to have a little bouquet in my bunker come summer and I think I can grow them in the shadows of the more politically correct veggies without anyone being the wiser.

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