Friday, May 20, 2011

With Friends like this…

Well, put Big Guy down as a proponent of the Bush doctrine. That’s right; although he was against democracy before he was for it, he’s now completely down with it – at least in the Mideast.

And that might be what everyone was talking about today, butt for the other about-face he took at his State Department speech. He called for a return to the 1967 – well, actually 1948 - border between Israel and Palestine. Apparently Beebe heard about his plan to throw Israel under his decidedly crowded bus and called Hill, who was unable to persuade Big Guy to yank that little snip out of his big speech.

susanricehillaryHill doesn’t look too happy, having been red-lined from the speech.


People watched Big Guy’s Arab Spring speech with rapt attention throughout the Middle East:

barber shop in Al Amari refugee camp near the West Bank city of Ramallahsmokin in the boys room bengazi versionlibyacairo coffee shop





So I suppose I should clear the golf clubs and dirty laundry bags out of the back hall, because it looks like Bennie will be arriving via the rear entrance again today.

Anyway, after consulting with both Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton, BO came up with the not so original two-state solution without going so far as to address the Palestinian “right to return” claim. Since that’s really the whole issue, it looks like this speechifying was just a little grandstanding from the opposite side of the field. Butt hey, Big Guy’s got TOTUS and a Nobel Peace Prize, so it’s not like he doesn’t know what he’s doing.

Besides, the real purpose of the read was not to clear things up in the Middle East, butt to test drive a two state solution for the US as well. The proposal would be to return the US to the pre-1845 border between us and Mexico. In short, he wants to give Texas back to the Mexicans. It’s a win-win: we won’t have to build moats with alligators, and Mexico gets all the rednecks who aren’t going to vote for Big Guy no matter what.

That wasn’t the only news coming out of the Big White yesterday – the day was jam-packed with campaign events.

First, Lady M lent her awesome artistic talents to another community service wall painting project. In these troubled times, there’s more demand than ever for volunteers to come in and paint cartoons on walls to cheer people up.

Joint Base Anacostia-BolingSupporting our military families by brightening up the base in our recycled big purple Keds

muralsTalent on loan from God

And later there was the annual Democratic National Committee's Women's Leadership Forum, an important group in the launch of our 2012 WTF campaign.


Because the ladies absolutely love Big Guy:

fanclubCharter members of our fan club

Here’s the lovely dress MO wore in it’s full length beauty shot - complete with gathers, pleats and full-camo pumps:


2012.WTF. Let’s raise the roof!