Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Oh to be in England, now that the Won is here

WApostcardWestminster Abbey

Please accept this lovely photo of Westminster in place of the customary personal postcards I would have mailed from olde London town. We’ve been rather busy, and I just haven’t had the opportunity to post them.

So let me get on with my report: We got Trumped again. You would think, being from the Windy City and all Lady M would know better than to wear a full skirt and fly-away hair. Butt I suppose after you’ve been gone awhile you forget the basics. So here goes, let me just get this part over with.

We went from the ridiculous:


In which Lady M demonstrates the dangers of getting caught in a vortex, and the real reason British ladies wear hats.



To the sublime:


Possibly the best we’ve ever looked. And no butt views! God bless the Brits and their innate sense of propriety.

Of course, there was everything in between. So I’ll do my best to give you a quick run-through:

Reviewing the Queen’s private stash of stuff:







 GB1BO, practicing his numbers;





MO, practicing her signature crescent “O”



Here both of the “Os” are practicing for laying a wreath at the tomb of the unknown soldier at Arlington later this week.

also practicingpractice


Then we picked up the Camerons at 10 Downing Street for a little afternoon workout before the big dinner.

sam and modancing


and donkey pong.

Then, the breathtaking Royal State Dinner:

notentsLook – no tents at the state dinner! No cheap seats. Good idea.

Awkward toast to the Queen however. BO’s hesitating speech pattern tricked the orchestra into thinking that Big Guy was done with his wandering thoughts so they struck up the band prematurely, requiring him to plug on courageously over the strains of “God Save the Queen.”

no totusLook – no TOTUS! Just cheap note cards. Bad idea.

So far today we met the Camerons at 10 Downing Street again

I don't think soOne digit off

for a BBQ for the troops – just like we do at the Big White!


bbq queensEveryone looks like they may have been up too late and enjoyed a few too many toasts.

bbq kings

And we just wrapped up a press conference where nobody said anything, butt they said it about a dozen times each, so I’ll just skip that part.

Meanwhile back in the states, we understand Bibi gave a speech to the Congress and got 25 standing Os – more than Big Guy’s SOTU! Butt who’s counting, right?