Monday, May 23, 2011

O’bamas Land to Put Moneygall on the Map UPDATED: Grinch spotted in Moneygall too

I’ve got a very busy morning, as you might imagine, butt just wanted to get this out to you from the olde sod.

As you can see, we did much better coming:



then we did going:


butt breezy:

going going










Although the arrival was not without it’s WTF moments:

hairspray please

Lady M gets Trumped

trump the donald's hair

So far we’ve met with what passes for a President here: a pasty white woman by the name of Mary McAleese. She seemed really nice though, and offered everyone a Guinness (a dark brew, fyi).


Then we went to plant a tree  50 feet from the sequoia that JFK planted in 1963. I didn’t get a good look at the tree Big Guy planted butt it looked like it may have been a dwarf fig tree. Either that or an apple.


And since the Irish are always so thoughtful,  the Irish President found the only child of color in all of Ireland to come to the tree planting so Lady M would have a child to hug.

tree planting

Before I have to run, here’s an update from yesterday’s AIPAC meeting. Good news, the tattoo on Big Guy’s face turned out to be temporary,


it was not a gang symbol,


and had disappeared completely by the time he and Lady M left to visit one of his homelands.


UPDATE: Sara B thought she also spotted the Grinch in Moneygall:

mo-grinch-2 copy

mo-grinch-1 copy

and now, due to Sara B’s sleuthing, Jim Carey is demanding his hair back and threatening to sue for infringement of intellectual property.

Also filing suit under the same statute butt in separate proceedings, Cindy Lou has served papers on Princess Beatrice for copyright infringement.



Screenshot Studio capture #058


I’m not sure, and certainly not looking to make trouble, but I think perhaps Jim Carey could add Princess Eugenie to the hair suit.

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