Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Bottoms Up, Bottoms Out. WTF. In Ireland UPDATE: Beefeaters, all around

“Obama Leaving Early to Stay Ahead of the Ashes” Boy, how many times have I heard that before?

Butt Wow! Yesterday was an exciting day across the pond. For the first time in his adult life, Big Guy was proud to be an Irishman.

And while he has tasted the national Irish brewski before, he’s never savored it like he did yesterday.

idon't thinkthey like guinness

As did Lady M, who -  I know you’ll never believe this – had never even sipped a black beer before.

Then, I know you’ve all seen that embarrassing little snafu with our lead bottomed limo at our very own embassy in Dublin:

Man, every time I hear that metallic “clunk” it sends shivers through my frame again. As you can imagine, it was terrifying. The Secret Service guys were mortified that we were all sitting ducks because of the big black heavy bottomed Caddy getting hung up on a little speed bump. The incident is still under investigation, butt it looks like somebody – and I’m not at liberty to say who - had a little too much Guinness. And/or corned beef. 

The rest of the day went fine.

The adoring crowds reminded the Wons of the old Grant Park days, only smaller

omg like grant park


college greenWe decided red would be a good color for Ireland. *sigh* Well, at least it wasn’t orange.

The luck of the Irish parted the clouds and stopped the rain, butt it was still windy and cool so Lady M had to borrow a raincoat from the pub in order to stay warm.

Unfortunately raincoat management was not offered at Princeton:


or Harvard Law:

speech at College Green

I’m thinking next time I’ll tell her it’s a “boob belt.”  That should make the concept clearer.

ancestral town

Then we had the meet and greet with the crowd, where the Wons hugged the adorable little red headed girl, who would have been a minority anywhere other than in Ireland.

minority anywhere other than Ireland

Then, since we had to leave early, we had to find a place to change into our planned “departure” outfit…

fleeing the ashes

in order to change into her “arrival” outfit in England:

straange angleand color

So now we’re in Jolly Old England, where Scotland Yard has found it amusing to tag Big Guy with the code name 'Chalaque' – a Punjabi term which translates roughly to “Smart Arse.” Big Guy thinks they’re saying “Chilaquiles,one of Lady M’s favorite dishes.

So don’t tell me the Brits are humorless! This is going to be a fun visit with the Queen.

realnotwaxNo, honest! These are the real Wons! Not wax.

UPDATE: Because optics are everything

AP110524115638BO and Wills and Kate and MO: Awkward!

…and our Marilyn moment:

beefeater The Beefeaters