Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Just Shut Up

I guess this sticker was a thing on Instagram for about 2 minutes, before the backlash forced them to remove it.Instagram removes 'mute white people' button from app after ...

Most complaints centered around the sticker being “racist” – although everyone knows that claims of racism do not apply to people of melanated skin being accused of being racist against people of non-melanated skin. And clearly if we are to amplify melanated voices we need to simultaneously mute non-melanated voices.

After all, isn’t that what cancel culture is all about? As long as non-melanated voices voice the approved narrative of the melanated voices, “they cool” man.

Courtney Stodden – Joins the protests against the killing of ...No honey, you can’t think

But let a melanated voice wander off the plantation and disagree with the melanated mainstream they too will be canceled.

Thomas Sowell (eft), Shelby Steele (center) and Walter Williams

Men like Thomas Sowell, Shelby Steele  and Walter Williams, all with decades-long bodies of work — columns, books and speeches — are completely unknown to many Blacks. All marginalized and ignored by MSM. Effectively cancelled by the Left as far as their exposure to Blacks is concerned.

But back to the original sentiment that started this week’s brew-haha: “Mute White Voices.” This is simply the end point of a very long campaign. Anyone who has a son of Millennial age or younger can tell you that “mute white male voices” has been a thing in schools for a couple of decades or so. It’s simply been expanded now to include the female variety of the white privileged class as well.

But man, this is getting confusing: you have to be “woke” but how can you virtue signal your wokeness if you’ve been put on mute?

Make up your mind!

I’m sure we’ll get this all sorted eventually. In the meantime if we are going to start muting white people may I recommend we start with the Karens?

Black Lives Matter – janet guy

It’s kind of sad that Andrew Klavan’s 2009 video remains to this day evergreen.