Sunday, July 12, 2020

Why Facts Matter. Especially When You Have Bigger Fish To Fry.

If you simply watched the police dash and body-cam videos in real time you might side with the protestors who swarmed immediately after Hakim Littleton was shot and killed by Detroit police Friday. It might have looked to you that the angry mob was right, Detroit police shot an “unarmed black man.” Only wait, he wasn’t – unarmed that is - as was immediately apparent from the videos that Detroit Chief of Police James Craig wisely decided to release Friday evening. As he walks us through the video in slow motion it is crystal clear that the dirt bag pulled a gun on the police officer…and fired at him point blank before running away.  Which is when police shot at him.

Yet without the footage the mob would have escalated to a riot demanding “justice for Hakim” in a heat flash.

Why, it’s almost as if the crowd was waiting for a text on their social media to show up and protest

Protesters embrace each other at the intersection of San Juan Drive and West McNichols Road at the end of the protest.Whoa! Wretched Gretchen wouldn’t approve of this unmasked, unsafe, lack of social distancing

Miraculously, BLM would have appeared on scene immediately and the city would have been set on fire…because emotions were running hot:

To wit:

Kaleb Franklin, 24, of Farmington [far north suburb of Detroit] stood in front of the line of police and shouted, wanting to know if his life mattered to them.

“I came out here because a man was killed by Detroit police and I feel like his life was taken,” he said. “We need the police to be responsible for what they do.”

I’d like to see what Kaleb would do if a guy pulled a gun and shot at his head, all in an instantaneous flash.

And naturally local politicians weighed in:

State Rep. LaTanya Garrett, D-Detroit, called for "an independent and transparent investigation" into the shooting.

"Although I applaud Detroit Police Chief James Craig for releasing the dashcam and bodycam video for the public to review, there is no need for a rush to judgment, [that’s only appropriate when we have no exculpatory evidence] for a life has been lost and (lives) will be forever changed from this tragic event," she said…The family of the deceased deserves answers, [and we don’t like the answer we have]…"

But for people dedicated to the overthrow of America, facts are never sufficient, especially if they disagree with your narrative. Listen to this moron (at 2:15):

When asked for her reaction to the release of the police tape showing Littleton firing first at the police this protest organizer’s response:

“What I’m saying is that situation should never have been the equation in the first place…we need to organize our public safety in such a way…that somebody who was an innocent bystander didn’t end up dead at the end of the day.”

Of course none of her gobbly-gook response makes any sense: what “equation?” What “innocent bystander?” But that’s irrelevant. Just as the facts were irrelevant in charging officers with murder in the the George Floyd death:  link h/t Cassandra Bird

The transcript from the body camera worn by J. Alexander Kueng shows clear evidence  that George Floyd was suffering respiratory distress before police laid hands on him. He died from a Fentanyl overdose, not from being choked out by Minneapolis police. This news will not bring joy to the crazed, leftist mob screaming to lop off the heads of the Minneapolis police officers who stand accused of “murdering” George Floyd and little attention has been paid to the transcript since its release on July 7. 

Facts don’t matter when you have bigger fish to fry. And when your objective is to disrupt and fundamentally change America into a Marxist-socialist paradise you’ve got yourself a very, very big fish.

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