Saturday, July 11, 2020

“It’s Pauline Kael’s World, and You’re Living In It.”

Everybody knows we’re being lied to, constantly.

The NY Times regularly lies, on purpose, even if it has to later publish corrections that nobody reads - as John Hinderaker documents in NY Times: Oops, Never Mind

“Over the years, we have tracked a number of newspaper corrections (as often as not featuring the New York Times) where, if you match the belated correction against the original article, the conclusion is that the article was pointless and never should have been published. This is a good example of that genre. Today the New York Times issued this correction on a front page ‘news’ story attacking President Trump.”

Although it gets no airtime on MSM, the fact that the case against General Flynn was based solely on egregious lies by the FBI, is still a shocking revelation for those who have heard about it.

The stunning disclosure was the FBI’s “closing communication,” dated Jan. 4, 2017. After five months of investigating Mr. Flynn, whose code name was Crossfire Razor, the FBI counterintelligence team exonerated him of any improper contacts with Russians or any derogatory information.

In his current column, Kurt Schlichter asks What If It’s All A Lie?

Didn’t there arise in your mind, that agonizing Wednesday morning after Mrs. Clinton’s ruination, just the faintest notion that you had been lied to? You tracked the polls, and you reviewed the percentages – most hovering above 90% – that assured you that the glass ceiling was in for an epic shattering. And yet, no shattering was forthcoming. Whether expressly or by omission, you were lied to.

And it is happening again. 

After the last election surely nobody would be surprised that, as Michigan Dem Rep Elissa Slotkin contends,  push-polls distort (lie about) results: Michigan Dem warns her party: The polls showing Biden with a big lead over Trump are wrong. Gee, it’s hard to believe somebody would lie to a push-poll.

Don’t even get me started on the lies associated with the Wuhan Cooties, that’s an entirely different post.

So the fact that President Trump commuted Roger Stone’s sentence should not shock anybody. It seems not only possible but likely that Stone’s conviction too might be based on lies by people who should never have possessed that kind of power.

All of which is a long way of getting to my recommendation: I think we should all find a nice quiet place to sit this weekend and let the world go by.

Perhaps a meadow

Or you could just sit there and contemplate the wisdom of Kurt:

You smile, confident in the polls telling you that Joe Biden, whose basement dwelling really has nothing to do with his obvious decline, is way ahead. Sure, that happened last time, but this time the polls are dead on. They have to be, right? You can’t imagine that someone, in this environment of vitriol against dissenters that you support, might hesitate to admit to a stranger on the phone an inclination to vote for the guy who is literally Hitler.

You can console yourself that all the people and all the outlets telling you exactly what you want to hear are telling you the truth. But somewhere inside your noggin there’s that nagging voice whispering the troubling question: “Am I being lied to again?”

It’s Pauline Kael’s world, and you’re living in it.