Sunday, July 5, 2020

Mamas Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Marxists

Does anybody else remember the 2011 Harvard “study” that led to headlines like these all around the country?

Fourth of July Celebrators More Likely to Become Republicans

(ABC News) Attending a Fourth of July fireworks display or flag waving parade as a child slightly increases the likelihood that that kid will grow up to vote Republican, according to a study a team of Harvard University researchers.

Even a single July 4 celebration boosts the chance of turning a kid into a Republican, the study claims.

"One Fourth of July without rain before age 18 increases the likelihood of identifying as a Republican at age 40 by 2 percent, the share of people voting for the Republican candidate at age 40 by 4 percent, and the share of people turning out to vote at age 40 by 0.9 percent," the study concludes.

4th-of-July-parade-fireworks-grand rapidsLook at this child abuse!

July 4th patriotic celebrations create more Republicans, Harvard study warns

(LA Times) A new Harvard University study finds that all this July Fourth red-white-and-blue stuff -- the parades and floats, the fire engines and soldiers, flags, fireworks, hand-over-the-heart stuff -- actually helps create more Republicans.

Worse, it also energizes that crowd to participate dutifully in politics and vote in upcoming elections.

While the LA Times piece may be a tad tongue in cheek, as it is from the Political Opinion section, the ABC News report is purportedly straight news. Either way, I’m guessing the Left is pretty proud of themselves this year. They’ve managed to spoil the 4th of July for many Americans by getting most parades and fireworks displays cancelled through a combined whammy of Wuhu Cooties and the Woo-hoo brew of BLM/Antifa protests.

Nashville Mayor Shuts Down 4th of July Celebrations but Allows ...

Our enemies within are many; and they never, ever give up.




“The goal is to convince Americans that they have nothing to be proud of. The purpose of this is to facilitate turning America into something else.” - Glenn Reynolds

Mamas, please don’t let your babies grow up to Marxists. Take them to a 4th of July celebration as often as you can, no matter where, no matter when.

Much of U.S. scales back on holiday, but Trump is going big ...Oh no! Another right-wing nut in the making!

P.S. That 2011 Harvard “study” that taught every leftist in America to rebuke the 4th of July should tell you everything you need to know about leftists, “studies,” and higher education at institutes like Harvard.