Tuesday, July 19, 2016


The RNC, day 1.

trump in the mist

A little drama as Trump’s team beat down a rebellion on the floor led by the Hillary-by-Proxy arm of the Republican Party. The Donald seems to have learned  quickly how to use the  “rigged system” to his benefit. Good.

Many speakers: Marcus Lutrell, Sheriff David Clark, Patricia Smith, Rudy Giuliani, Melania…

melania 2 I didn’t love the water-wings dress butt she could wear a potato sack and look good.

And of course there was Tiger’s sister, our honorary MOTI, speaking of her son, Mesa Police Sergeant Brandon Mendoza, killed by a drunk illegal immigrant in a car crash. That’s one strong lady.

Mary Ann Mendoza speaks about her son as Jamiel Shaw and Sabine Durden,Mary Ann Mendoza, with Sabine Durden, and Jamiel Shaw. All lost family members at the hand of illegal immigrants. 

So far the show has been worth the price of admission.

nigella damascena love in the mistNigella Damascena; love-in-the-mist: official flower of the 2016 RNC

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