Friday, November 20, 2009

Help Me Win One For the “O’s"

As you can imagine, I am as giddy as a school girl on prom night: nominated for the 2009 Weblog Awards!!!

The 2009 Weblog Awards

Not just because it’s an unbelievable honor, but also it gives me and you a chance to stem the tide of recent rejections and win a big one for Team Obama. Since the news broke, everybody has been asking: “did BO put the fix in”? and “do Chicago rules apply here” ?

Sadly, since Copenhagen, Big Guy refuses to lend the Bid O’clout to any selection process that doesn’t give Kroners with the prize. And I think you know where we stand with the other “O”. So, let me be clear; I’m on my own here.

But obviously, I am not above shameless self-promotion. Therefore, I am begging asking for your votes. I am nominated in the following categories:

  • Best Blog
  • Best New Blog
  • Best Political Blog (I thought we were post-political)
  • Best New Political Blog
  • Best Humor Blog
  • Best Conservative Blog (who me?)
  • Best Individual Blog
  • Best Fashion Blog (duh)

The Weblog Award rules are:

Rules And FAQ's

  • You can nominate yourself, don't be shy. (I’m not)
  • The number of nominations a blog receives is irrelevant. One nomination is enough...
  • Rather than add a "me too" (i.e. multiple) nomination for a site in a category, please use the "+" icon to indicate your preference for nominees. The "+" ratings are one extra piece of information the finalist selection panel can use to help generate the finalist slates in each category.
  • Given the two previous items, we reserve the right to remove excessive comments (i.e. nominations) for the same site.
  • The nomination period is scheduled to end on Sunday, November 22, 2009, though we reserve the option to close nominations earlier or later.
  • Voting for selected finalists is scheduled to begin January 4, 2010. Finalists will be announced the week before voting begins.

So for now, we can all go to the 2009 Weblog Awards site, scroll way,way down near the end of the nominations comments and click the “+” next to little ‘ole MOTUS!!! What could be more fun?

Then, if everything works out, and Toes assures me that it will, we can all go back on January 4, 2010 and win one for the Obamas !!!