Monday, November 16, 2009

The Rocky Mountain Horror Show: In Pictures

Great, Lady M has the sniffles and I think I’m coming down with a virus too.

I‘ve heard that the H1N1 virus can crash my hard drive, and even though there’s a security patch for it, I’m not eligible because my basic architecture is too old. Kathleen Sebelius claims that I should have had a patch installed back in the 90’s. I don’t know, I heard rumblings that they just didn’t order enough of the software patches, and ever since that “Joey and the Pirates” post, Katy has been a little cool towards me.

But we’re still soldiering on: doing our part for the American people while Big Guy continues to trip over his protocol experts in the far East. Today we’ll be in Denver: the mile high city. I thought at first it was the ribbon cutting ceremony at the city’s first medical marijuana clinic, but that must be next month.

Today we’re kicking off another in MO’s series of mentoring programs for young girls. We’ll be at the Governor's Mansion for a Girls Mentoring Luncheon, and I’m sure Lady M will manage to say a few inspirational words. In addition to the girls who’ve been selected as mentees, Lady M invited Susan Sarandon and Fran Drescher to attend.

I”m sure they’ll both make great mentors for young women. I believe their specific forte is dressing for success. Just like MO.

susan Susan Sarandon impersonating the Green Fairy

Susan_Sarandon.0.0.0x0.341x512.jpeg Susan as the red queen with extra baggage and without hands

fran-drescher-2004-fall-lanvin-fashion-show-benefiting-the-rape-foundation-1xYrlo Fran, before belly button fatigue set in, wearing the equally short-lived fad of sweaters with a spare sleeve.

ss rocky2And of course, here’s Susan in her breakout role in the Rocky Horror Picture Show, 1975. Note: ever the trendsetter,Susan was wearing underwear as a costume before Madonna was even out of high school.