Saturday, November 14, 2009

Pull The Drapes, and Pass the Ammunition

Why oh why does she do this to me? It’s not as if she’s unaware of all those snarky bloggers out there constantly harping on her proclivity for wearing clothes constructed from ordinary household items: tablecloths, upholstery fabric and (the worst) draperies. Not to mention the barrage of criticism about her belts: “boob cinchers”, “fan belts”, “Bentley grilles” and “cemetery gates”.

So why, why, WHY would she dress like this? And pose in this room, on that chair, with those draperies in the background?

Moand drapes

All three, in one picture. Why don’t we just hand the enemy their ammunition?

Is she trying to overload my circuits? Cause permanent damage to my hard drive?

It’s either that or a clear cry for help. I’m going to tweet Oprah and Dr. Phil  as soon as I’m done here.