Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Is That Ammunition Belt An Appropriate Veteran’s Day Accessory?

Oh dear, oh dear!  I thought Lady M and I had an understanding about the radiator belt. But she’s been none too agreeable ever since her poll numbers were released and she found out that Bo’s (the dog, not Big Guy) favorables are higher than hers. Just beating the pants off Big Guy wasn’t good enough, she needs to beat the dog too. Honestly, the egos around here are a little - shall we say -fragile? Although it doesn’t help that articles like this keep popping up on the blogs either.  Maybe I can get the CIA to block certain sites from her computer, to avoid domestic unrest.

But here’s how it went down this morning: We’re all dressed and heading over to Arlington Cemetery for the Veteran’s Day ceremony at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldiers.We’re heading out the south portico, Secret Service already in lock step behind everyone, and everything seems to be fine. Then, from out of no where, MO whips out her fan belt and cinches it around the waist of her J.Crew turquoise tweed coat.

blue belt

A stealth attack. What could I do? I’m already operating at diminished capacity due to the rain, and then she pulls this on me? I didn’t bother downloading the last giant-belt software update because –as I already told you – I thought we had an agreement. You see the results; a perfectly good look totally ruined.

blue belted

And in case you’re wondering why Lady M is looking so smug, it’s because she slipped one past me. Have they not heard the expression “don’t bite off your nose to spite your face” in South Chicago?