Monday, June 1, 2009

My Inner Geek Got Out: How To Get A Cool ID

I love to get comments here on my little blog, and I love to respond to them; you know, “girl talk”. I also understand that a lot of people like to remain anonymous; after all, Toes does use the powers of the Patriot Act to see who’s not with the program. But a few brave souls, who think they might be able to get a security clearance, have asked how they can get a really cool comment ID of their very own.

Now, if you know anything at all about me, you know that I have a geeky, high-tech side which I share with brother Hub. And I do love those NASA and MIT nerds with their adorable little pocket protectors and slide-rule tie clips. And because I am here to serve you, I’ve rounded up a few of them to help me provide this little tutorial on how to get your own ID.

So, hold onto your accessories and let’s get going.

The easiest, and unlike Obamacare, totally free way is to sign up for a Blogger/Google Account with or without your own blog.


Go to the Blogger Google account setup page here:


Click on the big orange CREATE A BLOG button


Now the work begins:


Fill in the form with:

  • Your Email Address
    • If you don’t have one, or you don’t want Toes to know your email address, you can get a new GMAIL address here, also for free. The steps are almost identical to these. Just be sure to have an email address to use before you start the Blogger sign up.
  • The Password You Want To Use
  • This is the Best part - The cool name you want to use as your ID
  • Check the box if you want to get newsletters, etc from the little Googlebots (probably not)
  • Put on your glasses and try to figure out what those squiggly letters are (full disclosure, I had cousin Earl un-distort them for me)
  • Agree to all the legal mumbo-jumbo
  • Then click the little blue “ Skip this and create a blog later “ if you just want your new personal ID, or Click the big orange CONTINUE arrow if you want to be an official blogger (remember, international blogging rules require that you have a bathrobe, slippers (preferably  bunny or other cute animal slippers) and your parent’s basement to blog in)


If you go Full Monte and get a blog, you’ll get a couple more forms to fill in:


Now you get to pick:

  • The Title of your new blog
  • The sub-domain of your new blog – this must be unique so use the “ Check Availability “ until you get one you like.

Almost done now, you get to pick the “Template” for your blog which determines the basic layout. You can always change templates later when you are more familiar with them.:


One more step and you’re done. Just click the big orange START BLOGGING arrow, put on your bathrobe and slippers, pour yourself a lovely beverage (optional) then go downstairs and start blogging.

Either way, when we “girl talk” you won’t be “anon”, you’ll be somebody !!! Like me !!!

Just remember my nerds and I are here for you.

Next time, my nerds and I will tell you how to have a really cool avatar picture to go with your new name.

Ps, If you want a GMAIL address, the form looks like this and is here :

gmail sign up form And I repeat: this is all FREE! Isn’t America a great place.

For now.

Does anybody know if the Senate voted yet?

Consider this my little contribution to geek-ifying America. Now get out there and blog for freedom my pretties!