Friday, September 14, 2018

#FLOTUSFriday: Stay Schtrong

This is not a coat that many women could not carry off, which is reason enough I suppose for the Left to hate Melania.

melania at 9-11 memorial

They seem to prefer schtrong women, like Cynthia Nixon…and her make-believe friends in the make-believe hit show:

sex and the city

In real life Cynthia’s quest to unseat New York’s governor Andrew Coumo was just squashed. Apparently even New York was not quite ready to embrace her insurgent progressive agenda.

But speaking of schtrong women and make-believe, I see Lady M’s about to launch her multi-million dollar book deal tour. That’s sure to be interesting.


Because if ever there was a woman who did not know what was becoming to her, it was Michelle Obama.

mo stripes and ruffles20091111_mobama_091111_thumb2MA30341424-0003mo boob belt black and whitewhite bathing suit dress MO mo nikelodeonmo clown dress 2013_white_house_correspondents_dinner_president_obama_michelle_obama_2013mo floral frock

But I digress. Unlike some people, Melania, regardless of the tempest swirling around her, always manages to look like the calm eye of the storm.


That’s something else she and the President have in common.

trumps at white house

To all in the path of the latest storm we send prayers and encouragement. Stay strong.

trump i am the storm