Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Woman Up

Honestly, we love the press around here. But why do papers like the New York Times (which we love) have to print unhelpful articles like this?  They say that “critics are saying” that Big Guy’s been hosting high-level basketball game with no female players.

First off, I’d like to know exactly who these “critics” are? They’re certainly no one really important, like Katie Curic. Apparently the criticism is coming mostly from women’s advocates and liberal bloggers in bunny slippers.

Terry O’Neill, the new president of NOW was unnecessarily harsh, saying:

"It’s extremely important now especially for the president to have as many women as men in his closest circle of advisors. ... If women had been at the heads of the companies on Wall Street instead of these masters of the universe then we might not be in the predicament that we’re in today." She says the ratio "needs to be 50/50.  Women are 52 percent of the voting public so obviously there needs to be 50/50 of any Cabinet."

I hope she’s not blaming BO for the economic melt down now.

Even Dee Dee felt compelled to weigh in!

“Women are Obama’s base, and they don’t seem to have enough people who look like the base inside of their own inner circle,” said Dee Dee Myers, a former press secretary in the Clinton administration…”

And then Kitty Sebelius had to point out that she had played college hoops, and would be glad to hit the court with the guys (she’s number 21).

kitty bball You can’t blame Big Guy for thinking she was a cheerleader: look at those uniforms!

And there is absolutely no truth that when BO shouted last week: “Instead of standing on the sidelines, why don’t you grab a mop?” that he was talking to the ladies watching him play B-ball with the boys.

Ladies, come on. Several points: First, Big Guy does not have to follow the same rules as the rest of the pols, or even the rest of the Democrats. He’s the first black post-racial, post partisan president, remember?

Secondly, as soon as this criticism hit the papers, BO took Melody Barnes, one of his aides, along on his Sunday round of golf. And, no, she wasn’t caddying.


And Third, if any of you honestly think Big Guy’s the one calling the shots around here, you couldn’t be more wrong.

mo hi res

Check out those biceps. That’s girl power, baby.