Sunday, October 25, 2009

FOX Bugs White House Over Flu Vaccine

Well, the rosy glow bouncing off the new portrait in the Green Room sure did fade quickly.

Big Guy barely had a chance to announce that Swine Flu is now a national emergency, before we start getting hounded by questions from the nosy people from that talk-radio format news network. They want to know why Sasha and Malia haven’t received the H1N1 flu shots yet. Didn’t Big Guy already explain that the girls are off limits? Back off, FOX, and leave our innocent little pawns alone.


Gibbsy’s in hot water though, for saying that the girls don’t “fit the risk profile.” That one’s a little hard for the best of our spin-meisters to finesse, as Kathleen Popeye Sebelius has been lecturing parents on why they simply must have their children vaccinated in order to avoid another Black Plague outbreak.

So now we’re going to have to send Gibbsy back out to apologize for speaking stupidly, and to correct his mis-misunderstanding. What he meant to say is that the President and Mrs. Obama’s children are willing to make the ultimate sacrifice by foregoing their doses of the swine flu vaccine in order to allow some more misfortunate children to receive it.


swine flu 

Ouch! Misfortunate indeed.

Besides, if the girls were to get the swine flu, we’ve got the best medical care on the planet. For now.