Sunday, November 1, 2009

Lady M’s Purrrrr-fect Halloween Party

In case you couldn’t guess, Halloween is the O’s absolutely favorite holiday. I wonder if they know about the spiritual implications of All Souls Day which falls the day after. It’s also known as the Day of the Dead in Mexico, possibly the result of too many tequila shots. Not that it matters; we function exclusively in the present. If you worry too much about subsequent consequences it really cramps your ability to capitalize on today’s crises and get things done.

So after the pink Halloween card photo shoot, we quickly pulled in the Hollywood crew to transform the place into Obama Halloween World. They repainted the Big White black orange, added all the special creepy effects (poison spiders, death squad musicians, etc.) and brought in the Halloween extras.halloweeen fairies

bomo halloween skeletors

halloween astro

Here’s BO’s new Green Czar. Notice the ironic costume: Deep Sea Diving Suit: with oxygen tanks! Even Al Gore got a chuckle out of that.






 bomo halloween very scary But let’s get on to the real reason you’re here: Lady M and Big Guy.They both picked out their own costumes for the occasion. MO came as her alter-ego: cat woman, although she did get a little help from the Hollywood makeup team to make her eyes look a littler cattier.It’s really a trial run for the inevitable end of the D.C. run and her return to her cougar days in Chicago.


Bo and pumpkin

And BO came as his alter-ego: a Chicago NPR host for fund raising week and part time adjunct professor.



hallow mailUnsure who advised the O’s that Easter baskets were appropriate trick or treat vehicles, but we recycle everything around here.

hallow surprise Here we have Cat Woman trying to persuade the little kiddies to take some of her “treats” left over from last weeks harvest: organic squashes, sweet potatoes and tuscan kale. The kids were having none of it. Kids seem to have an innate sense for what’s good for them.



And here’s Cat Woman trying to bribe this little tyke – who broke into tears upon seeing BO – to stop crying. He seems to have amazing powers of discernment; possibly the next Dali Lama.bomo hallowen cookie

Mo tried to get the kid to stop yelping by bribing him with some sweet treats. Ah, you can take the girl out of Chicago, but you just can’t take Chicago out of the girl. (It worked, the kid accepted the goodie bag, and asked for another.)

But the outside show for 2600 kids and their significant others wasn’t the only show in town. Inside we had another whole party going on for military families and White House staffers. No walking trees or spinning fairies (unless you count Toes, but if you do, prepare to die), but lots more treats, including these adorable shots of Gibbsy dressed up as a Star Wars Commander and Susan Rice, our Ambassador to the UN, dressed up as – wait for it – Goofy!

halloween gbs son susan rice-goofy

What a clever staff, able to transmogrify their day jobs into their Halloween costumes. These guys just crack me up. You too?

And kids, in case you weren’t on the invite list, don’t feel bad. All you missed was the White House special Halloween tax. Here’s a brief exchange that I uploaded to my hard drive.

H/T Paul Shanklin for Rush Limbaugh