Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Even We’ve Had Enough Hope and Change

Let’s just say that a year ago tonight was a bit more exciting. Remember our  amazing victory celebration? It was actually my first official trans-imaging of Lady M.  I think it went pretty well, considering that Narciso mess she selected for the event.


I hadn’t quite figured out the whole belt thing yet, and those bow legs threw me off my game a little.

Plus, that whole red/black color scheme with the optional little cardigan was just not a look I was familiar with. I found it a bit overwhelming for my first day on the job.

A rocky start.





But here we are a whole year later! Listening to classical music in the Big White with the students this afternoon, wearing a tasteful gray tweed suit with flower brooch and a silver belt (I’m doing my best with the belts, but I can’t persuade Lady M to leave them in the closet).


We went with an elegant French twist for the occasion, and note how I’ve cropped out the belt and the bow legs.

The classical music theme carried into the evening and Big Guy joined us for a little Paganini: his favorite. He really likes ravioli too, but he hasn’t been eating much lately.


classic music night classic twist

We changed into a sleeve-less sheath for the East Room festivities. Those arms are golden.

Wow.  What a difference a year makes. Last year:Grant Park, a million adoring fans. We were all so excited: hope and change hung in the air like jasmine. Or maybe it was marijuana, since I felt a little buzzed. But after last night’s election results - I don’t know about the rest of the country - but I can tell you that MO and BO are kind of hoping there won’t be any more change. At least not in 2012.


Update: photo of classic white dress for classic music night. Please note this truly is classic, a Talbot! Things are looking up, don’t you think? Sweetheart neckline, no giant bows. That’s change you can believe in, no?

classic no bow