Thursday, November 5, 2009

Huffpo Huffs About Puff

Ha, ha. That Huffpo, they just crack me up. Here’s a little article they did called ”Sarah Palin Lines Up an Impressive Array of Cupcake Media Appearances”. I mean really, can you believe these guys are complaining about puff pieces? They invented the genre, for goodness sake. And, uh, it’s a book tour, not a policy debate. And just to set the record straight, the book’s title is  “Going Rogue,” not rouge. That’s my department.

sarah and  todd

Believe me, my little sweets, I’ve been around this block a couple of times and I know all about lining up a good supportive interview. Hil and I used to do 3 or 4 a year. Of course that’s chump change in this post partisan environment. If Lady M and I haven’t lined up 3-4 a week we start sending dead fish to the magazine editors and TV producers.

Just to illustrate my point, because this is so just a partial list, here are a few of the “tough” interviews that MO and BO have done, most with me in attendance:

Katie Curic, CBS (How many times?) Here’s a still from the most recent, where we discussed dating advice. Yes, really.

puff katiecouricDATING_100x75 



Then there was, of course, Oprah, CBS (how many times?), Rachel Ray, GMC, ABC (how many times?), TODAY, NBC (how many times?), Ellen, NBC (how many times?), Soledad, CNN, Larry King, CNN, Jay Leno, NBC, David Letterman, CBS…

We also have print media powder puffs like these:

magsimages mags2images mags3images mags7images mags5images mags

Don’t get me wrong: they were a lot of fun. But I think you can tell by the covers we weren’t discussing brain surgery.

Of course this is the best magazine cover of all time, ever:Michelle Obama CoverAnd we got to talk about… dating tips! Again.

So anyway Huffpo, don’t get all huffy over Sarah. She can kill, gut and haul a moose out of the Alaskan wilderness blindfolded. I’ve seen you guys go all postal over a cockroach. So shut your flaps, and I’ll never reveal which cockroach.

Don’t get me wrong – I know what team I’m on - but I could sooooo work with Sarah Cuda.

sarah jeans

Of course, with a new hair stylist and ophthalmologist she wouldn’t really need me very much. Maybe I would have time to write my autobiography.