Tuesday, August 17, 2010

When Snarks Attack 9: The Winner

The polls have closed, the voters have spoken and the results have been certified. The winner of the coveted Golden FLOTUS in the July 2010 Snark Attack Of The Month is:

Cripes Suzette

Congratulations Cripes Suzette!!! You have snarked your way into history and won the fame and ovation of gazillions of MOLs, MODs, and FOMs from every country on this planet, and a permanent place in my hallowed Snark Hall of Fame. Your snark “...Princeton and Harvard owe SOMEONE a refund...” was not only the snarkiest snark, it was true!

And so Cripes Suzette, the coveted Golden FLOTUS is yours forever, to use and proudly display as you wish, and will always be found here on hallowed cyber-ground in my cherished Snark Hall of Fame.

cripes suzette-GF-9 copy

Like all the elections and primaries this year, the turnout was a near record with over 5 millions votes cast. I don’t know what this means for November, butt it’s got Big Guy, Toes and Axe-Man all wee-weed up. It’s a good thing we’ve got lots of cash in Big Guy’s stash and lots of ACORN census workers wondering the streets, otherwise we never could have pulled this off. Butt we were able to both certify the vote and save or create 600 jobs. So, here is the final tally (rounded to the nearest thousand):

  1. Cripes Suzette – 1,250,000
  2. Sine Qua Non – 1,130,000
  3. MJ – 520,000
  4. Kate – 390,000
  5. Cherie / MichelleIndependent / Radegunda – 260,000
  6. Janice – 210,000
  7. forkarrie – 200,000
  8. Lynn II – 180,000
  9. Jules / srdem65 – 150,000
  10. Annona – 130,000

Congratulations to Cripes Suzette, I’m sure she’ll shout out her win to the whole world, all of July’s worthy nominees.

Snark on!