Monday, August 16, 2010

Coming Home: a Pictorial: Update

We’re really getting good at this ramming stuff. Look how we managed to ram a whole weekend into a few hours! Miniature golf, swimming, a cruise for dolphin spotting and – of course – ice cream.

Here’s our final “day” on the Gulf in pictures:

de plane de plane  PU’s (parental units) training Wee Won 2 on how to steer the ship of state.

this big

Lady M demonstrating the size of Big Guy’s ego, and Big Guy illustrating the size of Lady M’s … well, never mind.

 mo and the guys

Respectful troops genuflect to Our Lady of the Fat Kids’ Behinds, wearing her designer oil splotch capris.

Here’s our last stop on the Florida oil splotch tour. Even ice cream doesn’t seem to be able to cheer up Wee Won 2, as she knows she’s about to be returned to her handlers in the Big White.

getting ready to go home not happy

Lady M, well aware that dessert is not a right, decides to have two servings to make up for the fasting and  sacrificing she did on Friday for our iftar.

And then, in the blink of an eye, we were off.

we depart our gulf vacay

Only false move: This dress was supposed to be packed in Sasha’s satchel, not Lady M’s (it shrunk at the dry cleaners).

By the time we returned to the Big White from our Wee Won training session/vacation, Wee Won 2 was back to normal.

not happy here definitely not happy here

Not happy any more, and neither is momma

happy family

Still not happy…

not happy

OK, everybody smile! We had a great time!

come on Sasha, I need some optics here

Come on Sasha, just a little smile for the photographers?

smile   There we go! That’s the optic we’re looking for. Happy Family!

Now all we have to worry about is getting rid of that dreadful blue dress before we pack for Martha’s Vineyard. Oh yeah, and walking back that stupid remark Big Guy made about the GZM. Hopefully our supportive media can handle that hot potato for us. We’re on vacation.


With all the hubbub about Photo shopping Lady M pictures lately, I thought it would be best to ‘fess up to this. I didn’t exactly photo shop one of the above images, but I did trans-image out part of one of them. I think you’ll see why. I just didn’t think we needed any additional fodder for FFA comments (and you know who you are).

OBAMA Mid-morning snack cruise

…and for those of you wondering if Big Guy is in fact a Mooselim, I offer the following as evidence that he is NOT:

Bo on AF1 Bo, the family dog, boarding Air Force Won

ice cream before sunset Ice cream, on way to mouth, during daylight hours of the most holy month of Ramadan.                                        H/T Larwyn

Although, since Big Guy doesn’t think he has to follow anyone’s rules, even Allah’s, that last picture only proves that he’s not a vampire.