Saturday, August 21, 2010

Uncle Sam’s Evil Twin

Larwyn sent me this little Dr. Seussical poem that she thought you might like. I think it will lift your spirits while Lady M is chillin’ hers:


Uncle Sam


I do not like this Uncle Sam,

I do not like his health care scam.

I do not like those dirty crooks,

Or how they lie and cook the books.

I do not like when Congress steals,

I do not like their secret deals.


I do not like House Speaker Nan,

Nor do I like that ‘Yes, we can!’

I do not like the spending spree—-

Because I know that nothing’s free.

I do not like the O’s replies,

When I complain about his lies.

I do not like this kind of hope.

I do not like it. Nope, nope, nope!


I do not like ObamaCare,

As it will only raise the fare.

Obama will not save the day,

He’ll only scare the docs away.

And presidents should never bow;

Should we, could we, impeach him now?


I do not like Afghanistan,

Al-Qaeda or the Taliban.

But if we plan to win the fight

We need to fight with all our might.

We cannot tie our soldiers’ hands,

With wimpy generals in command,

And orders not to shoot to kill;

Of that I’ve simply had my fill.


I do not like that wife Michelle,

With eyebrows that came straight from Hell.

I do not like her attitude,

Or being lectured on my food.

A hypocrite she has become,

While flying ‘round on Air Force One.


I know that I don’t need first class,

‘Cause I don’t have that same wide ass.

I do not like that Biden guy,

But better that he’s drunk, not high.

And Jarrett, Axelrod, and Rahm,

To get their way would kill my mom.

I do not like Obama’s plan

To spend as quickly as he can.


To spend much more than we all have

Is just a temporary salve.

The bills we someday all must pay—

Not leave for just another day,

For grandkids that we leave behind,

Will always have our debt in mind.


O’s bloated budget we must cut,

To get out of this debtor’s rut.

We can’t afford his cap and trade,

Or billions more for foreign aid.

We have to end the public dole,

Hard work must now become the goal.

The borders must be sealed quite tight,

To stop invaders left and right.


The racist charges we’ll ignore;

The main thing is to mind the store.

It is quite simply common sense,

To build a long, strong border fence.

To keep illegals out, yes, that;

Undocumented Democrats!


The bitter pill we need to take,

Is that we made one huge mistake.

But God he’s not—he’s just a man,

And we’ll evict him, “Yes we can!”

The emperor, he has no clothes,

And as he gazes down his nose,

He thinks he is the best of all,

But soon he’ll take a mighty fall.

One Big Ass Mistake America 1

We’ve taken measure of the man,

And spread the word as best we can.

November 2 will be the day

On which we take his power away.

The media will be enraged,

That citizens became engaged.


The O will curl into a ball,

Or pound his fist against the wall.

His leftist schemes will have been stopped,

Despite the COLB he Photoshopped.

Deport him soon, we’ll try, we’ll try!

And cause Michelle to cry, cry, cry!

We’ll take control from sea to sea,

Restoring every liberty!


And then we’ll see it, yes we will…

That shining city on the hill!


First 14 lines, Kono at IOTW; remaining lines: Don Fredrick