Sunday, August 22, 2010

Re-runs of the Rock: Part 1 Update: this just in!

Because there’s actually very little going on around here – aside from fund raisers that we apparently weren’t invited to - and because nothing says summer like re-runs, I’m going to run some of my “footage” from last year’s visit to the island around the block again.

You won’t hardly be able to tell the difference: we’re picnicking (on the turd-free beach of Edgartown), golfing, we’re biking, we’re eating ice cream. And cookies. And fried clams/shrimp/calamari/fish. Even Lady M’s hair looks the same. So be a sport and play along.

Michelle-Obama-Martha's-Vineyard Martha’s Vineyard, circa 2009

And honestly, aside from the untimely (for us, anyway) death of the ancient mariner, everything is pretty much the same as last year. Except worse, as you’ll see in episode 1,the Turd World. 

“Get a load of what this Fouad Ajami is writing about us in the Wall Street Journal today! I’m glad I’m only in charge of fashion spin, because there’s no way to polish up this turd:”

I also documented one of the country’s first infatuations with Lady M’s feet, with a photo of the questionable 6th toe (which was also Cripes Suzette’s first appearance here, although I didn’t even know it at the time, and blush to report that I was remiss in giving her proper attribution.)


In my defense, all I can say is I had just started my little blogging enterprise, and really didn’t know what I was doing. (Sorry Cripes, and thanks for bringing the Oprah toe to our attention, and not banning me from your site forever.) Anyway, the infamous sixth toe incident is  documented in “If the Shoe Fits. Or Not.”

six toe sandels[4] Cripes world-famous photo of Lady M’s world-famous “Oprah” toe

And of course there was the notorious “Black Dog Down,”  incident in the down town shopping district that I recapped in terrifying detail..

blackdogmarthasvineyard3 Thankfully, no one was hurt

I hope you enjoy our adventures from last year. I know some of my charter member MOL’s will remember them, but since many of you joined our little fifth column a bit further down the road, maybe you can just pretend these adventures happened this year (expect for the untimely death of the Ancient Mariner, which I’ll cover in my next batch of re-runs). If anything huge breaks big happens, I’ll get right back to you. Little Mo has little Mos scooting all over the island trying to get exclusive video like our Friday tennis entourage. We might be going to the fair later, but Lady M hasn’t decided yet.

Otherwise, have a nice Sunday afternoon.


mo icecream

Now you see the reason for the embargo?