Monday, August 23, 2010

The Dawgs of Summer

That bigmouth, Cripes Suzette! She let this big announcement

wwmd1  via Cripes Suzette

out of the bag way ahead of our planned press release. It was originally scheduled for release the next time Big Guy puts his foot in it and we need a quick “cut to Lady M” diversion.

And since Lady M hasn’t been as open to performing stupid FLOTUS tricks as she once was – due to all the jealous rightwing racists hatin’ on her - we needed a few items in the can.

Butt, now that this is out there, it’s back to the drawing board to develop some new Big White, FLOTUS-centric, meaningless initiative to divert attention. We’ll need it to toss to the dogs of lore (MSM) as a diversion tactic the next time Big Guy – who thinks he can speak off-prompter now – goes out and acts stupidly again. Which could be just about any minute: just this morning I heard him asking Eric the Holder about taking over the tainted egg industry, because it’s too big to fail. Something about Alinsky’s rule about having all the eggs in one basket if you want to create an anomaly, or something.

I’ve heard that some people are more concerned with protecting the goose that laid all those golden eggs in the first place:


Ronnie used to say that it created the best anomaly in the history of mankind. But then, that was back in the day, when you used to be able to say that kind of thing. 

But I digress: back to Cripes – here’s what she went and blabbed about all over her blog: our new Office of the Fashion Adviser To the First Lady of the United States. Oh well, at least we found something for Van Jones to do. Maybe he’ll stop bugging Big Guy for George Soros’  phone number now.

barry and the beast

Butt I’m going to have to talk to Toes about all the security breaches around here. I thought we had that little problem taken care of when Desi, our last alpha-blabbermouth, left; and then along comes this major leak. Why don’t we just open a satellite office for Wikileaks in the West Wing.  What? Oh.

Toes advises me we already have:


Butt they all have to lay low for awhile, now that Gibbsy unintentionally outed them with his “professional left” comment. Sheeze, what a pack of dawgs. I guess Big Guy really knew what he was talking about last year when he said everyone gets all wee-weed up during the dog days of August. I mean, wow! The crap’s practically flying in over the transom, even though we’re supposed to be on vacation!

*Sigh* Is it any wonder Lady M refuses to come out of her room?

michelle butt Hello? Room Service? I need a whole bunch ‘a stuff.

We’re going out to dinner tonight, but I don’t think that’s going to turn out well.