Monday, August 23, 2010

Our Batteries: On the Trickle-Down Charger

(Yawn)... another slow day of recharging our earth-friendly batteries, and the embargo is still on. I can’t tell you why. I mean, I know why, butt I can’t tell you right now. I see the blabbermouths at are yapping about our no-shows, so I might as well tell you about a few of the things we didn’t do:

We didn’t go to the Ag Fair in West Tisbury. I thought that was a sure thing, not because of their mission:

The Martha's Vineyard Agricultural Society was established in 1859. It promotes the pursuit of agriculture, horticulture, land conservation, youth activities, mechanic and domestic arts and encourages the raising and improving of plant and animal stock and the sale of island-grown produce and flowers at local farmers' markets.

Yes, I know; it is totally in line with our Organic Garden and No Child’s Fat Behind mission. Butt I figured we’d be there early because of the Deep-Fried Twinkies:


Umm, umm, umm!


…and Norwegian draught horses pulling 3,600-pound slabs of concrete. I guess we’re still holding a grudge against the Norwegian’s because of that Olympic slight.


We also didn’t go swimming in the Tisbury Great Pond or Inkwell Beach due to, ahem, turd contamination. And I don’t know if they call it Inkwell Beach specifically because “... (it) has traditionally been a meeting place for African American families and visitors,”  butt if they do, we should be there, in our bikini.

umbrellas Robert Abel artist rendering of The Inkwell

You already know we didn’t go to the big fundraiser ValJar and Gov. Deval Patrick threw on Saturday for DePat’s re-election bid. In our morning briefing “Talking Points” memo issued to our JournoList lap-dogs, we officially denied that De-Pat did not invite Big Guy because of his track record of support for other Massachusetts Democratic candidates.

2abde5_deval2_07232010 DePat hears that Big Guy has thrown his support behind him

Now for some things we did do:

  1. ...
  2. ...
  3. ...
  4. ice cream stop

Ok, butt we are recharging our batteries.

We are going art shopping at the Granary Gallery at the Red Barn to see about buying a painting:

no grapes

I don’t know if artist Barry Rockwell painted it just because we were coming, butt he’s asking $2,400 for it. You will note that in the portrait Big Guy’s holding a copy of John Steinbeck’s Grapes of Wrath.

grapes of wrath

Now, I know enough about art to know that artists are really big on symbolism. So I’m speculating on exactly what the artist’s symbolic placement of this particular book is all about. I can think of several possibilities:

  • He’s aware of Big Guy’s obsession with getting a bunch of grapes
  • It’s an illusion to Big Guy’s historic role in the country’s 2nd Great Depression
  • It’s a reference to the plight of our current-day “migrants” from Mexico: just looking for a job
  • It’s a reminder of how much more hospitable the government run migrant camp in California was to the Joads than the private sector camps

If it’s either of those last 2, I think the artist can count on Big Guy taking it back to the Big White for his shrine. Although he thinks it’s a little pricey and he said he thinks he’ll see if he “can jew him down” because the perspective seems a little skewed to the right.

grapes,angrymobBeware the Grapes of Wrath: Just another part of the angry mob